Saturday, October 1, 2011


A friend like Phoebe Buffay. I love her. The way she handles things, and her absolute wit. I would straight go on my knees and ask her to be my friend, my buddy and my roomie. I can even make breakfast everyday. The wishlist goes like this..

- Preferably be within 25 years of age, and definitely unmarried.
- A BF is absolutely fine. However, BF's with clingy tendencies, or ones with the absolute need to be on the phone all night are frowned upon.
- Must have the ability to whack my back when I am down.
- Must have unmanageable hair.
- Must have had at least one scary experience in life.No, losing a phone and being stranded for 15 minutes is not counted as scary.
- Should know to live on street food, drink orange juice instead of water, cross roads on a rainy day without an umbrella, walk barefooted in beaches.
- Strict no for girls who act like daddy's princesses. (or mommy's girls)
- Should be nocturnal. I roast corn at 4am. Can be shared, though.
- Wit or Sarcasm should be her middle name. Esp, in dealing with people I hate. That is a lot of people.
- Must be able to dress up and leave home in 15 minutes.

I can go on and on. There are some friends to talk, some to hang out with and a bunch of absolute awesome girls I have. I was watching 'The One with Baby Shower' where Monica apologises to Sandra Green ( Rachel's mom) many times for not inviting her and she acts like she has not noticed at all. If you have ever been where Monica is, you will know the need for a Phoebe. The way she puts a stop to things. I louueee it!


  1. Now, tats quite a wishlist. Hope u find ur Phoebe Buffet soon...

  2. love Phoebes! she is wacky! and oh so right at times :)

  3. Phoebe - the whack job of the group. every group needs one like her, to think out of the box.

  4. Hahahahah...your list is hilarious, though very thoughtful!

    Please do describe a 'scary experience' for your readers :)

    p.s. Did you see Delhi Belly, apparently Orange Juice sales in India dropped by 90% after that (of course I am joking!) :)

  5. I shud, do that! Post idea number 135 :) Oh yea, i heard the one on orange juice too!

  6. i would totally adore a phoebe buffay too..wacky, incorrigible yet totally indispensable..:)

  7. Creepy that - saying "check" to each point - including the unmanageable hair & nocturnal ones.

    Wait a min, were you describing yourself there & wanting someone like yourself? If you were, Freaky Creepy that!!!

    Define scary - Scary for all the non-weirdos around, but 'adventurous' & 'thrilling' for self, counts? I guess once that gets clarified, I am fully qualified to apply for this post! The incentives (breakfast everyday) sound very attractive. ;)


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