Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Him and Her : The fine line.

I may not be competent enough, age wise to write on this. But as a representative of a generation of women that is struggling among men and motherhood, I have something to say. These are purely my views based on years of living with men, and mothers. It can be very contradictory, idiotic and refreshing to hear.

There are enough scriptures to speak on the duality of mankind - the symbolization of a man in a woman and a woman in a man. Somehow my last few days have been drowned in identifying the innate women tendencies in manly men. When I say tendencies, I only mean the inner thoughts - like motherhood.

I have noticed feminism in many men, and have seen them explicitly portray it. It is sadly been seen today as a cross over their attitudes, and men are labelled "soft", if not gay. We have some inhibitions in our head, that needs to be desperately broken. It should be found okay to have a guy mother a baby. I am not talking about changing diapers or dropping them off in school. I am talking about staying with his spouse when she delivers, not due to medical compulsions but due to a inner pull that makes him want to see the child. I am not talking about giving roses on valentine day or buying a teddy bear. It is about holding the ladle when she cannot. Oh, I am not giving a lecture on modern men who share household duties. I am telling about not making it a duty, but making it a way of life.

A very childish thought: When it is okay to have a manly woman ( the one who can work night shifts and earn - technically, manly stuff) , why is it not okay to have a womanly man ( the one who will sew my button when my little one rushes to school)?

I was put to thoughts when my sister recently delivered a girl child, and her husband was asked to be out of the room when she fed the baby for the first time. Why is motherhood restricted to women? Because only she can hold the womb, or because men are not competent?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Small Hearts. Smaller People

I fail to understand the insensitivity and lack of understanding some have when we speak of broken homes and divorced parents. It is cruel to happen in one's life and unless experienced, there is no way one can imagine the fear of waking up very morning and worrying if mom and dad will fight today. It is even more traumatising to live under the same roof with a person who you wish you had never met. All this one side, the pressure of our society to compulsively live together, and the cries of the hearts to live a better life make everyday a evil occurence.

Recently heard of a guy who is a pass out of a premier institution, comes from a well educated high class family who was trying to see a beautiful, once again well educated blah blah girl. He later came to know her parents were divorced, and stopped talking to her. To him, she comes from a "improper" family.

With marriages falling apart, and people getting more individualistic than ever - values are to be inulcated not only on religions, castes and sects but on people, minds and love.

To the guy who did this - Get a girl from a proper family and live a proper life. Dont even think of growing up. Rot to hell.

Friday, September 4, 2009

And then...er...Super

Sometimes we are so stuck on some words, that it has to be used in all possible sentences. I wonder if I lack vocabulary or my mind reaches that "stuck" spot. Whatever it is, it is not very helpful. My recent obsession or lack of knowledge came when I was glued to the word "super".

A: How are you?
Me : I am super. You?

I guess that's pretty different compared to the mundane fine!

A: How is the whether?
Me: It is super. Rains today..Yaay!

Not bad too...

Mom: How was lunch?
Me: S...u...pp...ee.rr..I was super hungry then and it vanished!

Now, double usage!

Friend stuck at Germany with no Indian food: Hey,I am at this Indian resturant, where a roti costs Rs. 400!
Me: Super!
FSAG: Err..??

Weird me!

On a call with a client

Client: We have recently moved on to the XYZ market as we see it is more recession proof than ZYX where we previously lost close to a xxx dollars.
Me: Super, How would you say this move is likely to align the XYZ market scenario?


Gosh, I only wish I can take a sabbitical from using such words, and build up on a more respectable english sense. And no, I am not the kinds who lacks usage of words as well. Wonder how it began, and Worried when it wil end!