Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sickening when....

Colleagues walk around disillusioned, acting as though they don't even see you.

People walk around whispering plastic toxins about you - and hell, you know it!

Girls get very girly and guys get very guyeey. Sorry about the bad english

When people speak/write/read/hear bad english. That contradicts, yet, it is me.

When people don't accept ( read, not agree) contradictions and stick on to their own absolutely narrow ideas.

Same stories are spoken everyday. "i hate her - she did this - he looks like - i am going to" - grr, stop the shit!

When conclusions are drawn from a minute's acquaintance

I am beginning to use this blog as a cyber dustbin! 

Monday, June 22, 2009

Misty Dew and Munnar

Chilling breeze
Cardamom air
Piping Hot Chai
Rained Grass
Long Roads
Clean Breath
Gushing Waters
Foggy Sun
Lovely Hosts
Aromatic Streets
Hairpin Bends

And I want to buy a house there, to sit on a porch with my kid and count stars.

Of all the other wonderful stuff, I loved, loved the homestay where we lived for three days. Aranyaka is owned and run by the gorgeous Poornima Arun and they have the most amazing in-house chef. Let everything else go, I fall for the puttu and kadala curry, any day. (sorry, we were gluttons and gobbled breakfast - so no pic!)

The super enthu me, in front of our home  - sigh, only three days! 

 The super wonderful hosts who managed to get a cake for my bro! Poornima got it all the way from Cochin, talk about customer service!

Yes my dearos, thats hot dinner served some 5000 feet above sea level. Piping hot. Picked from the resort. Pardon the dirty table, okay?

By the way, amma asked the cook there for the gorgeous rasam served and got the recipe. We still fondly call it the Munaar Rasam :)

P.S : Post updated in 2012 to link Aranyaka. They are a huge RESORT now! WOW!