Thursday, September 23, 2010

Till I reach there.

It is amazing of how a change in a place, change in the kind of people we meet can influence the inner person.I find a million changes in perspectives from within, and I am so not sure of how the hell it is going to change me. Waiting and watching it all unfold is going to be a experience. I can say, I am getting more philosophical, than I ever was. I am less judgemental, so dont know if that is good or bad!

Relationships have always baffled me. I think I am there, when I realize it is the wrong bus, or sometimes the wrong route itself. The detour process is painstakingly exhausting and the only way I know to go through it is to enjoy it. Cynic as it may sound, I am now chiseled enough to spare a half-tear and walk off. Just like that. I wish I could say the same to the baggage, unfortunately I carry quite some along.

I know some day, I will be there. Accepting someone, other than myself just as it is. As of today, I have super serious issues with the idea of even getting along, forget hooking up. And I am weird enough to say that, even when I am with one fantastic person. I have done that. I know.

Reflective blog, not so open for judgments now,

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back to Farming.

This post is written on absolute anger, disgust and a part disappointment. Though it is a vent post, it is also meant to break certain ideas/myths we have on education.

I was never interested in this ploughing business, and that is not something I want my kids to emalute too. I am talking to a gang of guys who work with on of those swanky financial services office. They are mostly the deadly combination of a B.E and a MBA ( Finance) with half a dozen year expereince in the IT biggies. Sounds classy?

I have a few questions – why does he do a B.E when he wants to financial modelling for a career? Why not a B.Com? Is it because it is less cool to do it, or because he was undecided then? Well, whatever it is – I leave the case because more than not, people don’t really know what they want to do at 17.And I was one of the undecided creatures too, who started with civil services, dabbled with some advertising in my dreams, worked in finance and now to organisational management. But for the absurdity as it may seem, i am not trying to understand networks now( another issue, that I got no aptitude to do so)

If I leave that case, why did he land up in a MBA program after three years in tech? More importantly, why did he not continue with tech? Did he find tech no longer fascinating? Or, did he suddenly understand the importance of being a investment banker?

As it is so obvious, it is the money. With places like GLIM and ISB offering MBA’s for fancy amounts, and pressing on placements for almost the same value – it only gets better! A average ISB student starts thinking about his placements 8 months before he starts his application procedures. The guys who pay are absolutely pleased as well- who would not like to have a “brim filled finance ready to puke” guy at work?

I guess we are moving back to our basics – agriculture. Our kids are being fed, sowed with seeds to reap money later. Sowed seeds of science, some little manners and lots of money mindedness, manured with engineering, a dash of finance and of course a MBA degree. All set to reap lakhs, preferably in dollars and if possible millions!

P.S - The first draft of this post was saved on April 16, 2010. A time when I was working, and a time when my frustrations flew out of my finger nails. I am so damn better now, and I hope the next post is a more positive one!