Thursday, September 23, 2010

Till I reach there.

It is amazing of how a change in a place, change in the kind of people we meet can influence the inner person.I find a million changes in perspectives from within, and I am so not sure of how the hell it is going to change me. Waiting and watching it all unfold is going to be a experience. I can say, I am getting more philosophical, than I ever was. I am less judgemental, so dont know if that is good or bad!

Relationships have always baffled me. I think I am there, when I realize it is the wrong bus, or sometimes the wrong route itself. The detour process is painstakingly exhausting and the only way I know to go through it is to enjoy it. Cynic as it may sound, I am now chiseled enough to spare a half-tear and walk off. Just like that. I wish I could say the same to the baggage, unfortunately I carry quite some along.

I know some day, I will be there. Accepting someone, other than myself just as it is. As of today, I have super serious issues with the idea of even getting along, forget hooking up. And I am weird enough to say that, even when I am with one fantastic person. I have done that. I know.

Reflective blog, not so open for judgments now,

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