Friday, June 13, 2008

A Scoripion's Sting

Inside a singing soul....
Rings a bell of solitude.....
The heart that bore unbounded love.....
Is Sour with lust.....
Fallen for a scorpion...
Left the song in distress...

Mighty sun has an eclipse....
Oh, What am I to ponder??
Only when love matures
Does it show its hues...

For why is a screen of mirage
Mid of water?

Said I am the worst - makes me think

Was I given the best?

Friday, April 18, 2008

A Cup of Chai

Are you a chai freak? Or, do you think chai is just the best way to feel better? If yes, join the wagon.

Sipping in to a Brooke bond tea cup ( slighty over kadak, bcos of the tea bag), i feel relaxed and unwinded to blog. The last few days have been quite hectic mentally, and draining. It is not a new phenomena in me to feel low and then feel better - but it is today that I really feel the endurance of the cup of chai.

Everyone needs their own cup of chai. it can be a cup of brooke bond, or a hug from a friend, or a SMS that charges you up. Mine was a SMS from a friend, that said - that my friend will charge me up - like glucose. I dont know if this sounds funny, but it sure sounded better after a tiresome day.

We all need our time, to work, to sit, to think and to live. Lets all plan one thing at a time - take up one a day, and live our lives, with constant cups in between!

Monday, March 3, 2008

And then you know what happened.......!

I was bugged, bored and single. Yes, in that order. I wanted to always understand how it happens, at what time, and with what level of intensity. Thts the story of this blog - and then you know what happened?

Two weeks back, I sent across a SMS to a whole lot of my friends. This was the message - "And then you know what happened". This blog is about the varied reactions, replies, actions, apprehensions, assumptions that took place after this message was sent.

I send as many as 30 messages.

A couple of replies from people - asking who is this? (I changed my number recently, so people dont know). Of course, i replied with a mini bio-data. Then, people asked, what happened?

What the hell happened da? Office'la problem'a? - My college mate

Hey, Accident?? Why do u take your vehicle and go?? - One other college mate

Kalyanama? wow ! eppo da - A very imaginative school mate~~

Hey Worst - enna de?? - a colleague now!

I am sorry, I dont get you - What are you talking about - a colleague, this time a guy - very courteous indeed!! :-)

And they lived happily ever after :-) - My cousin brother, who thinks he is Aseop and writes fables

I dont need to know now. U can buzz me aboutit after 3 hours. Entering a movie hall - A not-s o nice good friend!!

Enna? Blog crazy, please - can we talk something else? - A lovely friend, who reads my mind!

18. 32
One of those, who just recognised me with my new number - asks - "After what? After you changed your number?

And there this blog stood for 10 months. Today when I was revisitng my blog, I thought why not publish this post finally. It may change to send te same SMS today to friends, because by now people have mostly changed around, and no one really would mind if i do this today. Yet - it is amazing to note somethings in life. And so is this! Felt nice to read this back today, after 10 months!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nuts for Donuts!

I am back! his time to write about two nuts, and a search for donut.I am feeling so bugged in office, that i really want to leave early now days. This happened last evening, when Ms.Tee came down and asked if I can drop her at saidapet. She wanted me to leave early, which is just what i wanted too! So, we left at 5.30. Off we started on a journey, which both of us hoped will end soon. Started my bike(Yup, thats how i call a scooty pep) and before that Ms. Tee finds some interesting and intriguing lady birds(those insects - red background, black dots) .

There were two of them, walking around the place and Ms.Tee was freaking. All right, after that adventure, we got on to the bike and was standing right in the entrance of KC( not my initials, Karumuttu Centre). Right at the centre, and thinking where to go. We wanted to eat ice creams, or candies ( Only because, i told the word candy once while taking my bike. Ms.Tee stuck on to that). Now, for ice creams, she wanted to go only to the A's parlour. Sadly, there was no A's parlour around Ms. Tee, so we decided to catch up with some donuts. Off we drove on TTK road, and reached a place called Cake Point (I have seen this place, but this is the first visit). Parking was a problem, but with my driving expertise, we somehow managed that(!). We ordered donuts, with sprite and had it. By now, Ms.Tee was feeling so happy, that she offered to pay the bill.
Then, we went on my bike, till tidel park, where I was supposed to drop her. I dropped her, and decided to put her on a auto( all this because I am sweet).We waited for like 15 mins, with some photo sessions in between! And, then i decided to drop her near Jayanthee, and off we went all the way. With loads of gossips, and lots of talking, we reached the place. I dropped her off and sent her on an auto, bid her good bye and came home late!! - 7.45 PM!!

All because there is no A's Parlour near Ms.Tee!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Whose Bike Is It Anyway??

I am so amazed at my ability to be able to blog at such uniteresting things in life!! Yet, here it is. I keep on talking about the traffic, and this is also one of those.This time, it is not on politeness but on basic common sense. As the title says, whose road is it anyway?? Bikes zooming in and out, human stacked buses,bragging women in autos, shopping crowds stacked in cars, school vans, buses and all other such means in which kids travel to school, etc etc. Nowdays, i see cyclists - God Bless those souls!

I live at Velachery. My office is at Karumuttu Center - Nandanam. Ideally and Mathematically, it is only 9 kms. And in my 3 year old scooty pep- it should take not more than 20 mins. I come by the mount road route and get back through the cenotaph road route.(thts my great idea, to avoid evening traffic). However, it takes me not less than 45 mins everymorning. 

The problem is not the roads, or the drivers. It is the vehicles!! Why the hell do bikes have to be so big?? I am talking about thoe Apache's and Pulsar's. And the dudes on them, drive as though they are on a race track! Today I saw a dude,wearing a lether jacket, complete with leather gloves or whatever, in one designer bike - i guess it is a Pulsar Black, on which he has let his kid sister paint and stick all weird stuff. He has got some bullet marks also on it! This guy, in this chennai heat, is constantly honking on nandanam signal. I am sure, he knows one cant possibly lift the vehciles and walk when the signal is on red. But i guess, our man just wanted to create some musical noise around with his blaring horn! And he did not stop, until i removed my helmet and asked him, "Sir, Enna problem, horn wire loose aacha??" And he replies, " Heat, Veyil madam, thts why, i want to reach is too hot". I was like, just remove your jacket!

Whatever!! Guys get so savvy with bikes and anything that moves around! I dont know, but it just gets too irritating when they decide to show all their creativity on the roads!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I have arrived. Well, almost

I guess nowdays every single existing soul has a blog. In office, On orkut, wherever I see, people are either blogging or talking about their blogs. One girl writes poems, another writes excel tips - calls it a MIS blog or whatever. Worser still, some one names it as a vetty blog and writes ways and means to get vetty.

Of course, there are other nicer blogs. Like my cousin brother has just started a blog on two of his greatest passions - Cricket and Food. I am in love with the latter, and have no idea of the former. I guess I can help him by giving restaurant/cuisine reviews etc - coz am a foodie too.

Coming back to blogging, it has its own advantages.

1. People think you are at work. More so in a office like mine,where a major chunk of work involves reading and writing.
2. It gives a aurthor feel - I mean, things like publish and all.
3. Wonderful, cheap advertisement - have been noticing these blogs for pickles, sarees,jewels to paintings,day care etc etc.

Allright, I guess am also now a part of the sangam and shall continue to post on all that happens around!