Sunday, November 14, 2010

On semi-gods and women

The recent sex scandal has risen drastic views on how semi-gods and their sexual fantasies. It is not a new state of affairs at TN and certainly, not a new niche to add a yesteryear actress to it. There are quite a few thoughts of mine on this issue.

The emergence of gods in men is not a recent phenomena. The commercialisation, the advent of adding yoga-meditation to it is. The funding oriented working model or the beggar bowl syndrome has been there for long, but the orientation of a business model is new. There is nothing to clinch at this evolution, because with income tax exemptions and high-end MD's looking for spiritual solace, this seems to be the most natural dimension.

What really went off tangent when sexual scandals were exposed - The media.

If it is naturally natural for such saints to indulge in sex, and have kollywood heroines to be mates, then it is perfectly natural for their believers to be okay with it. I am not a believer in any of these god turned men, but I firmly believe in human calls.

There are some aspects of trade that should not be commercialised - education and spirutuality . In today's society, the one in which I am spending my 20's both are exploited. Commercialising has a ethic of delivering quality or quantity, but exploitation is mere money trade.

And it is more than money trade - it becomes emotional atyaachar when worship happens. I am so proud, yes that is the word of the kind of uprising I have had for not being able to follow a man without a question. I fail to understand/make any efforts to understand the worship of men as Gods ( i do understand, when a guru pooja happens). Criticism against a belief is criminal to say the least, so it is best to refrain from it. There are many videos on specific god-men on youtube. I shall not post them here, as I have a lot of good friends who have a belief, and I shall hate to destroy it.

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