Friday, June 24, 2011

The Head Blogger!

I am an officially screwed up blogger in my head. I cant stop thinking in reported speech or stop rhyming metaphors in my already rumbled brain. If there was any mechanism to directly transform a train of thoughts to a blog post here, then I am pretty sure I would jump at it. Also, that would give you a idea on what I am up to in the last one month.

I am hunting, searching and looking out for jobs. I am not desperate yet, but I know I will pretty sure be there. In between a couple of 'oh-you-are-not-a-PR' jobs and 'you-are-so-awesome,but we-cant-take you' and thankfully only one 'ok-we dont-like you', i am still hanging on.

I am resume wise potential, friends (and non-friends) wise searching, family wise paavam-kuzhandhai but I know, i know I am a total, absolute maniac. I keep blogging in my head when making dinner, crossing roads, billing groceries and buying books.

I need to get out of my head, open the laptop and log into this page to type.

And yes, I did the first draft in my head @4.25am today!