Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I am in glee!

Actually double glee. I have been rummaging through some old cookbooks from a old book store, and found over 10 priceless copies of 1965-1980 printed US library discard books. I spent so much time thinking which one to do, and I did this first.

This is a oatmeal-wheat-date muffin. The recipe originally has eggs. For all those who need eggless bakes, substitute one egg with one tablespoon flaxseed powder mixed with two tablespoons water. Healthy, Eggless Muffins.

So yaay! No more thinking eggless bakes taste little less good. This one is awesome, with honey, walnuts et all!

Update : I tried the same recipe with brown sugar and whole wheat. Still pretty nice, though not very spongy on texture.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kids and Sevai.

People love cute children. Kids with pink bands, and lollipop smiles. Kids who walk thatka pothaka and talk in gibberish. Kids who say ABCDJKLMWXYZ always. I love them too. Most of the times, we fondle the baby, kiss at least twice in five minutes and try to maintain hand contact with the baby. At least, I try to.

We have always liked cute children to play with. And we appreciate them open heartedly. But, how many of us do the same with well mannered children? I know of a wonderful child in my apartment who is very good behaved, talks politely, thanks every time for a cookie and puts garbage only in the right bin ( Now, that's very very disciplined). He belongs to the East of India, but sings vada mapillai and speaks in suthama tamizh when asked in tamizh. I have alwways told his mom, that S is the best ever behaved child I have come across. This snap was clicked last week when we both made sevai together.I think we should learn to appreciate more ( that's a separate post by itself), but we should really know to do so to such sweet kids.

This is Shreyas:-)

Friday, January 15, 2010

And when pongal happens at home...

Kannu follows. I am inspired to share some pictures, from this post of Anu. The vazhaipazham, vethlai and manjal are homegrown. I was insistent on starting a garden last year. But, never had the skills for it. Thanks to paati's sustained interest, we now have a "at least 10 fruits a month yielding" guava tree, vazhaimaram, ginger, manjal( been growing it just for pongal) vethlai (betel), pasala keerai, vendhaya keerai, kothamali, karuvepillai and lots of sembarithi, rose and one kutty watermelon creeper. I am really looking to grow more veggies over this summer. That pazham is a ilaki, and is very tasty. The vazhaithandu literally melts in the mouth, with no strings (naaru) in it. I am so proud of myself today!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kalyanam lingo

I am wondering from where the word "arranged" marriage came into usage. Are not all marriages arranged by people? And, why the word "love" marriage? Are not all marriages supossed to happen between people who are or have to be in love? I think using - "self choice" or "parents choice", "aunty's choice" or may be "matrimonial website aided" - but sick of the word - love and arranged!