Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kids and Sevai.

People love cute children. Kids with pink bands, and lollipop smiles. Kids who walk thatka pothaka and talk in gibberish. Kids who say ABCDJKLMWXYZ always. I love them too. Most of the times, we fondle the baby, kiss at least twice in five minutes and try to maintain hand contact with the baby. At least, I try to.

We have always liked cute children to play with. And we appreciate them open heartedly. But, how many of us do the same with well mannered children? I know of a wonderful child in my apartment who is very good behaved, talks politely, thanks every time for a cookie and puts garbage only in the right bin ( Now, that's very very disciplined). He belongs to the East of India, but sings vada mapillai and speaks in suthama tamizh when asked in tamizh. I have alwways told his mom, that S is the best ever behaved child I have come across. This snap was clicked last week when we both made sevai together.I think we should learn to appreciate more ( that's a separate post by itself), but we should really know to do so to such sweet kids.

This is Shreyas:-)

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