Thursday, April 28, 2011


In the history books of 2030, a line will go like this.

Between the years of 1995 and 2010, there were a lot of women bloggers who wrote on topics like sensitivity, food, arbitness, world,men and their awesomeness( or sometimes, the lack of it) and on over all randomness.  A common problem faced by most women of this genre were "frieanship" requests from people all over the solar system. Most women received anonymous comments on their looks, and some brave(!) souls mailed them asking for making some friendship.

Yes, and I am living it now. I have received requests of making some friendship with me from people i did not even know existed. It is okay to have cyber friends, do virtual arattais and vaarify legs. But the heights of desperation in this attempt leaves me in giggles.

These people kind of scout of all information on the writer. A blogger friend receives mails in green colour fonts( nah, pachai pachai'ya illa) because she mentioned in some 1987 post that she liked green!

Damn. May malaria filled mosquitoes teach you to comment and not mail bloggers.


arattai means a chat. Mostly accompanied with masala tea.
vaarify literally means to comb, but here you can say pull down ( with a comb ?)
pachai'ya pachai ya - This is tough. Pachai means green. And Green talk means blue films, yellow magazines.