Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Carbon Trust, an independent carbon foot printing agency, measured the carbon footprint of a popular two-litre packaged orange drink and found it to be equal to a carbon dioxide emission of 1.7 kg! This came from the emissions during its processing, packaging and transportation. On the other hand, munching an orange grown locally would have caused a negligible footprint. The point is, what is needed is not one single action but a comprehensive lifestyle change.

From Hindu Metro Plus here

What is your carbon foot print? I am not social activist in any sense, and I do consume all kinds of packaged foods. Infact, I have not even followed on the Copenhagen Summit. But, when I read something like this, my stomach churns and I feel so damn small - almost feel like being invisible.

One of Sadhguru's quotes went like this - If you look at the organisation, capability and the certainity with which a simple ant is conducting its life, you will see you aer quite stupid.

This quote hit me harder only today. Is there any other species, other than humans - who leaves carbon prints? Why is it our tongues carve those orange juices and not bite into a orange? Why are we so persistent on only buying a car,because we are economically more strong - and not spend the same in paying 2 rupees more for organically grown produce?

Nowdays, I am like yuucckk at humans, yeah, that includes me. And - there are no castes in animaldom too.