Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hello, Newly Married Friend...

No major offence to anyone who is married. But I cant fathom the sciences behind your obsession to being aunty. And talking to me about marriage. Go away, all of you. The whole full stop you put when you are married pisses me off. Yes, it is that annoying. So what if marriage is the single most defining point in your life? It is not in mine. It will never be in mine, even if I get to marry the cho chweet sweetheart of my life. Live with your munchkin happily, but for sake of my swear words, do not bother naive (!) singles like me.

What is even worse is that you go around telling stories to people on why no one above the age of 24 should be single. Did you just forget that the day before your wedding, you came and stood like a fool about tying that saree? Damn, no one learns to master wearing the saree even for eons after marriage. I am yet to learn manage a duapatta. But at least, I do not sit like a doll when I dress up.

Have i told you how much fun it is to have own reading time? Or own walking time? Just because a truck load of girls have decided to hand over the remote control of their lives to their munchkins, it does not mean womanhood has lost powers of self existence.

Though, I have a bunch of best friends who are married and yet cool. Or, to be married and even cool about it. That is the way to live. This business of two bodies one heart is filmy. Get over it. It is filmy even for me.

Marriage is important, its fun and probably everyone (including me) will enjoy it.But to go one step ahead and act like it is the coolest thing to do at 24 is no joke. It is annoying to everyone, even to your families.

Grumpy post, bear with me. My vent blog :P

What to eat when in North India!

I think the headline is pretty lame. I mean, the entire world knows about Chicken Tikka and Naan. What am I going to write about here? I now think this whole series is a pretty weird idea because it is all about stuff I have no idea on. I really wish I get a job in the India version of TLC and get a chance to go on a culinary journey. Me and my job aspirations, always!

The series started here, and is not here. I hope it does end soon :)

Anyways, here it goes - Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh,Chandigarh, Harayana,Punjab and Uttar Pradesh!

Kashmir - Dum Aloo is one of the few things that has been heavily roaming in abridged versions. I am sure the authentic version has more rich stuff - cream, nuts and such waistline damaging evilness. The versions that I have had are only the ones from Amma's kitchen or from some NI restaurant, where it is mostly a plomp of tomato-onion gravy and potatoes. The rest, I have not even heard about. Searches reveal Gustaba is a lamb balls in gravy dish, Hak ka saag is a spinach dish.

Chandigarh - has the most yummiest stuff. I have eaten the veg versions of all of those:) Yea, we love cloning!

Himachal Pradesh - As a kid, I was so fascinated by the name of this place. No clue why, though. I have not been anywhere close or eaten the mid-day brahmin meals there.

Haryana - Yumville again. Check, check :)

Punjab - Isnt channa batura the NI version of Masala Dosa? Not quite literally, but in royalty and popularity - yes!

Uttar Pradesh - Kebabs. That is enough to love this place.

This exercise is no means going to make my already famished brain work better to get this day over at work. This post is not at all complete, or descriptive because most of the food here is deemed so all over Indian already!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Being here..

Being a serious blogger is out of my reach.

1. I cannot commit myself to writing regularly. Laziness precedes me everywhere.

2.I do not know to be bothered about SEO, pagerank, buttons, pink colour, girl talk though hits and comments make my day nice.

3. I am too random. The Day Series does not work with me, because I do not like answering personal questions. Asking me on what are the five things that will make me happy, will require a dynamic post. It keeps changing every hour.

4. I do not know what my favourite colour is. That is why I chose Myriad Hues as the name for this blog. It is important to know this, trust me.

Gah! what a waste of a post!

Saturday, October 1, 2011


A friend like Phoebe Buffay. I love her. The way she handles things, and her absolute wit. I would straight go on my knees and ask her to be my friend, my buddy and my roomie. I can even make breakfast everyday. The wishlist goes like this..

- Preferably be within 25 years of age, and definitely unmarried.
- A BF is absolutely fine. However, BF's with clingy tendencies, or ones with the absolute need to be on the phone all night are frowned upon.
- Must have the ability to whack my back when I am down.
- Must have unmanageable hair.
- Must have had at least one scary experience in life.No, losing a phone and being stranded for 15 minutes is not counted as scary.
- Should know to live on street food, drink orange juice instead of water, cross roads on a rainy day without an umbrella, walk barefooted in beaches.
- Strict no for girls who act like daddy's princesses. (or mommy's girls)
- Should be nocturnal. I roast corn at 4am. Can be shared, though.
- Wit or Sarcasm should be her middle name. Esp, in dealing with people I hate. That is a lot of people.
- Must be able to dress up and leave home in 15 minutes.

I can go on and on. There are some friends to talk, some to hang out with and a bunch of absolute awesome girls I have. I was watching 'The One with Baby Shower' where Monica apologises to Sandra Green ( Rachel's mom) many times for not inviting her and she acts like she has not noticed at all. If you have ever been where Monica is, you will know the need for a Phoebe. The way she puts a stop to things. I louueee it!