Monday, October 10, 2011

Being here..

Being a serious blogger is out of my reach.

1. I cannot commit myself to writing regularly. Laziness precedes me everywhere.

2.I do not know to be bothered about SEO, pagerank, buttons, pink colour, girl talk though hits and comments make my day nice.

3. I am too random. The Day Series does not work with me, because I do not like answering personal questions. Asking me on what are the five things that will make me happy, will require a dynamic post. It keeps changing every hour.

4. I do not know what my favourite colour is. That is why I chose Myriad Hues as the name for this blog. It is important to know this, trust me.

Gah! what a waste of a post!


  1. 25 posts in this year doesn't make you a lazy blogger, trust me! Also, more than one post a month, will definitely not help you qualify as a lazy blogger!

  2. Cartic, I dont qualify even there :( Ha, I am trying to get regular! Motivate me!

  3. I guess you are asking a wrong person, I do start writing many but in turn they go into my drafts, so if you have a thought write it, publish it right then! don't postpone it thinking you could put it in a better way sometime later or thinking that it is not quite appealing! in the end, it is YOUR blog!!!

  4. I agree with Cartic - 25 posts a year and you call yourself a lazy blogger - sheesh! That would make me the epitome of laziness!!

  5. What support I get for kicking myself :) I really shud move posts from my head to this blog! My aim is around 1 a week, which makes it close to 50 a year ( 2 weeks vacation), tht way not even 50%!

  6. You pretty much said what i could not effectively communicate. +1

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  7. :) hehehe :)

    you blog for yourself, the frequency, readership all that jazz is crap and nothing else :)

    bring the randomness and lesser the colors, more transparent are you in your thoughts <3

  8. Ok a blogging suggestion, rather something like you are tagged! Hope you listen to songs, ramble about the latest song 'mun andhi'! I guess this should keep you kicking if you liked the song!

  9. I saw this comment in about a hour, and just sitting to draft on it :) Thanks !

  10. write when you feel like & when you want to. once a week, once a month as long as you get the momentum going

    point 2: yes, end of the day it doesnt matter really

  11. nice..but dint see any post on that yet.. coming soon???


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