Saturday, September 22, 2012


The journey back home after leaving a loved one at airport is the longest.

Clicked on reaching Langkawi. The mom leaves home today.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Jack and Jill - The true story.

and..reasons to permanently ban English nursery rhymes from schools.

Sourced from google images. Excuse for not providing direct link, please.

Because it teaches plagiarism and lacks originality.

Whoever wrote a bunch of sad words certainly had his winds blown on me.He was probably the six-songs-all-sound-same music director's ancestor ; cause A..B..C..D alphabet song, Baa Baa Black Sheep and Twinkle Twinkle have exactly the same tune. We rather sing the original Kolaveri and dance with themoon(u). Or, just pick one of the million versions of it.

Because violence is not for three year olds.

If not A-rated, I certainly think most rhymes require parental guidance. A whole bridge collapses – and obviously,millions of people died. So, no one is worried about it and all they talk about is how to use iron and steel to build it back. Then, two poor egg shaped men fell off the wall and broke their head. Now, imagine bleeding heads, preferably the brain hanging out. Do that and immediately make those two men run around as the kings men are chasing them.

I think three year old's are enough bratty and violent already. (yes, i stamped on a laid out -lego trap)

Because it defies logic and common sense.

Why would you call something a star and immediately wonder what it is? Why would you go around a mulberry bush when it is snowing? And finally, why did you even go up the hill for a bucket (I refuse to say, pail) of water?

All the craziness apart, in reality -

Jack and Jill referred to are said to be King Louis XVI - Jack -who was beheaded (lost his crown) followed by his Queen Marie Antoinette - Jill - (who came tumbling after). Link here. You can also watch the video on it here.

This brings me to think..

Are there no Indian nursery rhymes in English? True, we did not write rhymes on beheading but did we not on anything else?

I would be interested to learn more. Do share your thoughts.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Barfi, one for all.

 Barfi is like a warm after taste. It re-invented my forgotten love for Priyanka, created respect for Ileana and almost created a fan for Ranbir. (Not yet, my boy). It is a pleasant surprise for the absolutely beaten-up almost hope-lost cinema fan. I have not watched Raaz or Ek Tha Tiger yet but hear this one is the best. I am not even taking up tamil films. Sigh.

Just like a real Barfi, this one too has many tastes and shades.

The Coconut Barfi – Imagine a barfi with fresh coconut. The movie’s visuals are fresh, striking and the sweetness lingers to an underwhelming aftertaste.  Like the delicious crunch of a coconut barfi, the movie is full of freshness. The camera takes you on the Darjeeling train tracks, not necessarily on the train (you will know when you watch) and shifts to streets, sounds and lights of Kolkatta. In between, there are so many postcard spots that you fail to capture them all with eyes.  Like a good coconut barfi, the movie is to be savored slowly.  The film jumps across years and generations with perfect bits of moments and a treat of landscape. Pop in some good music, take your plate, lean back and be lost on how good the heart feels with every bite.

The Milk Barfi – Predictability is endearing in Barfi. Like, in a milk barfi. An Indian film bred knows what is going to happen almost in every stage of the film. The how it happens though take you by surprise. Be it the ultra cute demeanor in which Priyanka wraps finger with Ranbir. Be it the adorable antic of Ranbir to move the tower clock by a quarter hour. Be it the melodramatic entrance of Ileana in second half as Mrs. Sengupta. The movie is a surprise. And all this is served slow on a platter with accompanying brilliant music in background. Quite literally, you will know what I mean when you watch the movie.  The milk barfi does get a tad too sweet and pointless images start falling in the screen along with well-seen clich├ęs. But there will be no complaints when you watch it all for you are either basking in its warmth or nodding in adoration. The pace of the movie moves like a little toy train on the roads of Darjeeling.

The Kaju Barfi – The Kaju Barfi is the star cast. The cast is rich, gusty and look elegant. They are all young, fresh, throbbing to do things and have been given excellent fodder. Ileana has had a dream debut and looks pretty in Bengal cotton saris and red bindis. (my fascination for cotton saris intensified 10x). If it is to me, I would have gladly named the film Jhilmill ( her screen name). She is the surprise package and has not looked this good ever. Her demeanor, mannerism, non-caked look , the buckle teeth, white skirts and sunshine makes the movie. Ranbir is the show stealer with his antics, mannerisms that remind you of Kamal Hassan, Charlie Chaplin, Mr. Bean and many others but is so fresh and has the most charming looks ever.  If you have seen Kamal’s 16 vayathinile and sridevi in Moondram Pirai (Sadma); you are likely to catch similarities.

This movie has brilliant actors, absolutely fabulous cinematographer, aaha-ooho music, the gorgeous Darjeeling and Priyanka Chopra. I rarely enjoy films enough to write on it. Barfi is perfectly garnished, adequately sweet and leaves you in a high (calories and likes). Go, watch the film. Don’t forget your packet of kadalai barfis along. The film is that delicious.

There is an evil critic who sits inside me. She found this out of part boredom, and part curiousness. Barfi - where was it inspired from? The link contains spoilers.

Note : I know this is not a good film review. I suck at reviews. Please be considerate with me for all the sweets I have given you. I realize I am certainly smitten by Darjeeling. Not, not yet by Ranbir.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Eleven Questions Tag - Part Two

With the first one done, the second cannot stay too far! This set seems like a really tough question paper.  I am glad you are not a teacher, Keirthana.

Have you always had to struggle for most things you wished for in your life or was it a cake walk till now?
I should thank my stars, my parents and a whole lot of others - but really, I did not have to struggle much. Hard work, yes.

What are the kiddish qualities in you that you still nurture?
A whole lot of them. I do not call them kiddish though. Most of all, I am happy I can still be amazed and elated with small joys. 

Which was the first incident that made you understand the true value/meaning of love?
Hmm..when I saw Hum Aapke Hain Kaun and realised I simply had to love Salman Khan. He was my first crush. There are some reasons why we decided it wont work out :)

If you had one single wish (with which you cannot wish 3 more wishes), what would  you wish for?
To go on a all-paid trip making a show for TLC like Samantha Brown. I know, I should wish for forever happiness but hey, dolphins and air tickets make me happy. So ya, it is all the same.

When it comes to relationships, would you like the other person to be the dependent one or independent one?
To be interdependent on each other yet retain individuality and separate wardrobes. ( I would have asked for separate beds, but ya..!)

Ice-cream or Chocolate?
Chocolate. Anytime. Preferably dark.

Will you change for your loved ones or will you want them to accept you as you are?
Ahem..both ways. With certain folks, I am glad to take advantage and make them accept me in spite of my ridiculousness.

Have you ever done anything that is so not you? If yes, what did you do?
Yes. I patted a really cute dog. Just once. 

Logic or Magic?
Logic. With the exception of Harry Potter.

What talent you do not have but you wish you had?
Singing. I really, really want to be an excellent bathroom singer. One who extends it to the living room at times.

Theist, Agnoistic or Atheist?
A childhood theist turned rebellious teen atheist, now a calmer agnostic.

There are 22 questions for you to pick up. Do not be shy, choose your pick and do the tag!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Old Post Alert: Castes - When did we fall apart?

I had a fairly secular childhood with no strong infulences of any caste, no discrimination at all. My amma had friends of every imaginable sect, and we as a practice never spoke of others personal habits in a derogatory manner. Amma never kept food away from any house. It was not a habit to not eat food from "other caste" houses. I still love Anne aunty's avials and Shymala Aunt's nendrampazham halwas.

Once again, with no special purpose - my schooling and primary college education happened in a hindu institution, and yes it was brahminical. I did have CCA classes singing Vatapi Ganapathim, and wore pattu pavadais, ate sundals during navarathri. My school had a opening day ( the first day school repoens after summer holidays)homam, and I loved sitting there, with my eyes closed fervently praying to Ganapathi, and asking blessings from all the others there. Half of my school life went on knowing when amavasyas occured, and on why guys had avani avittam off. At the home front, I was told Ramayana, Mahabharatha and we watched Krishna on DD every sunday. Thatha was a expert story teller. He knew the art of weaving Draupadi's vasthra abhaharnam ( yes, i learnt sanskrit too) , meaning - taking the vasthram(cloth, essentially meaning saree), off( abhaharnam) with the case of how every woman is stripped off dignity in modern today. He spoke on Ramunajar, the Alwars, the story behind them, took me to temples and spoke on the sthala varalaru ( the legend of the place) and made me read shlokas( divine verses) almost every day. When Thatha went to the USA, Amma took over his place, and it was a habit to prayfrom 6:00PM to 6:10 PM everyday till I finished schooling.

As much as the previous paragraph speaks on my idealistic, religous woven, and of course casteistic childhood, it never came to me that way! It was not meant to. i have invited quite a few Nancy's and Nazarina's home, who and hear to Mahabharathams and eat my amma made rasams. They never felt they were at one of those brahmins homes, and we never felt it was a Nancy eating off my plate. Knowing Draupadi was not to worship Krishna in my family. It was to realise that as a woman, I need not respect my husband (s) always. She never called any of the 5 warriors to rescue her. Somehow, my childhood never had any traces of a caste, iyers, iyengars, christians, and the much derogatory term of non-brahmins. I dont recollect the usage of the work at all during my growing up years.

College happened to be at one of those elite, vaishnav funded institutes, where by all means - there is no influence of any caste, except getting only vegeterian food in canteen and having te words in the college's name, neither of which can influence me in any strong manner.

With all that there, I am now wondering where it all begin. I am trying to recollect when the question of my caste started becoming a part of my identity. Was it when I started talking about amma's samayal, and that i dont eat meat? Or, was it when I said non-veg, and unconciously discrimnated a friend of mine, or was it the day i spoke at length about the rituals and traditions in a marriage, once again absolutely unconciously bringing in a notice of - "Enga edhula..."( edhula refers to my caste). When did all this begin?

As a person, I highly respect any religion, caste and creed. A lot of others around me do so too. There has not been a single incident in my life where we have been made felt in any superior, or given any special priveleges for being a brahmin. We have not formed websites, ( other than for religious purposes) to promote our community. We do not convert people, or show any resistance to others practicing their schools of thought. Nor have we muttered a word when the madisar was shown as a sexy attire, or when mamis were made to be the modern sex symbols. We also kept quite mum to all those rants of being called a thayir sadham.Infact,some like me still do not mind being called one,though my lunch box has never carried it in the last 1 year.

I am sure almost all of us have seen such instances around, but either we decided to vent it out with the virtual world, taking sides and supporting our faiths- being true brahmins or otherwise, as the case may be. We have started taking sides now, with almost everything.

When I found too many people speaking the same thing in different ways, I thought it is high time I say what I have to. This is a retort,not for a caste that rules the blood, but for the head that is now sensible enough to think. It is high time we listened to music as just swaras together, and saw movies appreciating the art, if there is any. A secular nature of mind is so important to report to a Laura at Florida, get the assistance of Mudassir at work place and still remain a Ranganayaki.

If not to protect your identity, atleast to carry what ammas and thathas wanted to - A sense of blissful understanding, with no differences in caste, creed and sect and using only two possible reasoning skills in making relationships - The Heart and the Head - not the blood!

P.S : This post was originally published in 2009 after a heavy debate with a colleague on castes, the supremacy of Tambrahms etc. I happened to read a series of blog posts today on how conservative the caste is, and somewhere this struck a chord. Today, I find this post half amateurish, and the rest mad. Yet, the point was to remain secular. Let me add agnostic to it now. It is still a surprise how I became one.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Eleven Questions Tag - Part One

Ahem..I just wanted to have a title like that with parts. 

Both Uma and Keirthana have tagged me for the 11 questions tag. So, I am going to sit and post answers to 22 questions in two parts. The idea of writing all 22 together makes me want to get back to my excel sheet. Also, I am very sympathetic towards you. These are Uma's 11 questions.

All these questions will be treated as 2 mark questions only, though some may make me write a little longer. I loved 5 mark and 10 mark questions in school because it allowed me to write. Ya, I was like that. It is only when it comes to this blog, my lazy aunt stepped inside.

Now, if you have better things to do on a tuesday afternoon ( sincerely hope you do), please pass this post. And allow me to kill you in your dreams.

Which was the recent book you read and what was your take on it?
I wish I had a super intelligent book to quote, but the last read was "Losing my Virginity and other Dumb Ideas" and I found it a very predictable, regular time killer. I bought this book and many more from Bhargavi and made mom carry it all here.

Karna or Bhishma?
Karna - for his fight upwards, the indomitable spirit, the steadfast honesty. Bhishma is one of my least liked characters in the Mahabaratha. 

Most memorable trip so far? Any anecdotes to share?
Has to be the June'09 visit to Munnar where we celebrated the brother's birthday midst of tea gardens and jaw-dropping backdrop.

Mountains or the Sea?
Ahem..Sea.I am the beach girl. No, I love high altitudes. I really cannot decide. Looking at these pictures did not help at all.

Dream/Ambition to accomplish?
To do something more productive with my interest in food than making dinner and lunch for just me.

What makes a good writer/blogger? Am I One?
The knack to weave the right words to capture attention and the ability to convey emotions in the right amounts makes a good writer, apart from a dozen other things. I am not yet one. 

Favourite Outfit?
On me - jean, with anything on it. I also love sarees.
On a guy - any white shirt with a blue jean. Two extra points if it is a white kurta.

Sachin or Dravid?
Dravid. I do not have too many reasons but always found him a very intriguing, intelligent player.

If you had the power to change one thing about yourself or your life so far, what would it be?
I would have ditched some people way earlier than I finally did or they did. Also, would really like to be two more inches taller. That's all.

Are you in touch with your best friend from school days?
Ahem, I never had a best friend in school. 

Our family friend's daughter was Swathi. School days remind me of her and she is married, mommy and all, we can still and talk like 10 year old's.

Favourite subject in school/college?
School, it was english. College, I enjoyed papers related to economics.

Done. Boo Hoo, I saved myself from the sword!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Rainy Mornings. Instagram. Long Forgotten Tag

The world has few reasons to wake up on a Friday and go to work. This post had to go up last friday. Since the weather was adorable and office work was pretty terrible, I had to let it sit over weekend.

These reasons vanish when Mom is at home and offers to make hot pongal if I decide to stay. Yet, I grudge and drink my cereal to move on. And  no, I did not regret it. How else could I click such pictures ? :) 
Water always calms me down. In all its crazy, myriad forms ( and that was the first time I used the word myriad in a sentence! yaay)
This picture was taken below my apartment. The place opposite is a forest. I mean, a park that looks like a forest. There are forest walking trials but sadly, no animals. ( I am joking.I cannot even stand dogs)
And this picture is my personal favourite. I tweaked a lot with Instagram and really pleased with the effect! It is also my mobile wallpaper now. If you are on Instagram, you should totally follow me at archmirch for some interesting stalker/spam material. Entertainment guaranteed.

P.S : archmirch is my ambitious attempt to turn into a hot looking babe soon. The word mirch does not indicate the nature of pictures shared. The pictures are safe for all ages.

P.P.S : I forgot the tag yet again. Uma, Keirthana and Sumitra - do not kill me yet. I love you all.