Monday, September 3, 2012

Rainy Mornings. Instagram. Long Forgotten Tag

The world has few reasons to wake up on a Friday and go to work. This post had to go up last friday. Since the weather was adorable and office work was pretty terrible, I had to let it sit over weekend.

These reasons vanish when Mom is at home and offers to make hot pongal if I decide to stay. Yet, I grudge and drink my cereal to move on. And  no, I did not regret it. How else could I click such pictures ? :) 
Water always calms me down. In all its crazy, myriad forms ( and that was the first time I used the word myriad in a sentence! yaay)
This picture was taken below my apartment. The place opposite is a forest. I mean, a park that looks like a forest. There are forest walking trials but sadly, no animals. ( I am joking.I cannot even stand dogs)
And this picture is my personal favourite. I tweaked a lot with Instagram and really pleased with the effect! It is also my mobile wallpaper now. If you are on Instagram, you should totally follow me at archmirch for some interesting stalker/spam material. Entertainment guaranteed.

P.S : archmirch is my ambitious attempt to turn into a hot looking babe soon. The word mirch does not indicate the nature of pictures shared. The pictures are safe for all ages.

P.P.S : I forgot the tag yet again. Uma, Keirthana and Sumitra - do not kill me yet. I love you all.


  1. Errr..I had never heard of Instagram...thanks for enlightening

    you get Pongal yummmmmmmm!

    And thats the view outside the house..its goregeous..despite the rainy weather :)

    1. Instagram is addictive. I will try to get some pics in clear weather :)

  2. that's a lovely view around your apartment..and yes, be ready to run. I'm coming behind you with a sword....

    1. No more! I did it :) Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Aaah, these look good.
    Incidentally, I also did a photo post on mine! and Instagram is mentioned...


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