Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Eleven Questions Tag - Part Two

With the first one done, the second cannot stay too far! This set seems like a really tough question paper.  I am glad you are not a teacher, Keirthana.

Have you always had to struggle for most things you wished for in your life or was it a cake walk till now?
I should thank my stars, my parents and a whole lot of others - but really, I did not have to struggle much. Hard work, yes.

What are the kiddish qualities in you that you still nurture?
A whole lot of them. I do not call them kiddish though. Most of all, I am happy I can still be amazed and elated with small joys. 

Which was the first incident that made you understand the true value/meaning of love?
Hmm..when I saw Hum Aapke Hain Kaun and realised I simply had to love Salman Khan. He was my first crush. There are some reasons why we decided it wont work out :)

If you had one single wish (with which you cannot wish 3 more wishes), what would  you wish for?
To go on a all-paid trip making a show for TLC like Samantha Brown. I know, I should wish for forever happiness but hey, dolphins and air tickets make me happy. So ya, it is all the same.

When it comes to relationships, would you like the other person to be the dependent one or independent one?
To be interdependent on each other yet retain individuality and separate wardrobes. ( I would have asked for separate beds, but ya..!)

Ice-cream or Chocolate?
Chocolate. Anytime. Preferably dark.

Will you change for your loved ones or will you want them to accept you as you are?
Ahem..both ways. With certain folks, I am glad to take advantage and make them accept me in spite of my ridiculousness.

Have you ever done anything that is so not you? If yes, what did you do?
Yes. I patted a really cute dog. Just once. 

Logic or Magic?
Logic. With the exception of Harry Potter.

What talent you do not have but you wish you had?
Singing. I really, really want to be an excellent bathroom singer. One who extends it to the living room at times.

Theist, Agnoistic or Atheist?
A childhood theist turned rebellious teen atheist, now a calmer agnostic.

There are 22 questions for you to pick up. Do not be shy, choose your pick and do the tag!


  1. LOL on exception of Harry are a fan as well?

    1. Yes! I picked up slow on it. Kept talking how I can't read magic and wizard stories and finally, boom - I fell in love with it.

  2. Petted a dog only once???? Nice post otherwise.

    1. Sadly yes. I am very afraid of them. I love watching them though..

  3. Replies
    1. I shud write a post on now canines and I cannot co-exist. Ahem..some people are not comfortable with dogs!

  4. Glad that I am not a teacher? Really ;) Wow, didn't see that one coming.. Anyway, loved the answers to all the questions.. Cannot just simply name one :)


  5. :-)..I haven't petted a dog even once ;-)

  6. LOL at you patting a dog only once. I too find dogs cute but like to admire them from afar, maintaining a safe distance. Dogs on the other hand just loove me--they pounce on me at every opportunity, giving me a mini heart attack every time!!

    1. Atleast you admire them too :) I don't even do that yet they kind of love me :(

  7. totally with you on: logic or magic :D
    And I find so much logic even in harry potter ;)

    1. *secretly whispers* true, it obviously makes no sense to muggles :)


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