Thursday, May 12, 2011

I say so..

No cooking show ever shows behind the scenes. It is such a pain to wash vessels. I feel like the housemaid already!

Student life is fun - only if you stay at home and amma cooks meals for you. Not so much, when you are to do it yourself.

Friendship is not having a cup of coffee or talking heart to heart for a hour.

I believe the only thing that life has missing is a pause button.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Noises from Window

I live in an amazing apartment that has a view which can send a chemist to write poems. This picture was taken a few months back by my then roomie, a self-taught photographer, the computer software writer, and a walking body shop advert. With such a view to wake up almost every morning it would be gross injustice if I don’t blog about it.

And yet, the inclination to blog came in a step-up conversation (quite literally, on the steps from the bus stand to valley) with the next block model, info - techie Nadia. Considering this place is home only for another fortnight, I am tempted to write this.

I am no poetess so this is not a poem. And there are no men, or bad people so it is not one of my “I will crib, it’s my blog” posts too. I hear noises from the window. The beautiful window and the out of notes noises. Of course, jazzed with humor for you.

Noise from the Window – 1
Random chatters in mandarin, hinglish, tanglish and screams, squeals always in mandarin. To me honestly – mandarin, cantanese, chinese sound the same. I can vaguely distinguish bahasa, but I don’t hear much of it here. We have amazing experiences of hearing a language and I have played this little game with myself to guess what it is. After a minute of intent listening ( read : turning off laptop volume, stopping dreaming and listening), I realize it is a faint mix of tamil and english with a garnish of Malayalam in it. I have no offences, but this game is very time consuming. Especially if it is an Indian language.

Noise from the Window – 2
Loud Vehicles, not like the ones in this pic. The yellow fellow seems to be a quiet little thing, but actually there is a lot of vehicle noise here. It starts by 6 am ( thank for not asking when I woke up so early), and goes on at least till about 11 pm. Its 2.52 am now, and I hear a car speed by. Got no clue on who goes around in this forest area, but yea we hear noises.

Noises from the Window – 3
This one is a Sunday special. Thts when NTU decides to mow the lawns. Honestly, almost every day is like a post 11am wake up here. So, a 8 am manual mowing noise uproar is criminal. It hurts kids. I am hurt with it.

Noises from the Window – 4
Fights – all types of them. I know how chinese couple fight and make up, I know that indian girl who walks in tall skirts with her flowery guy ( intentionally messed up) and talks in coconut languages. And of course, the friendly Big Indian fight. Actually, we are not fighting. Just talking. Mostly on how the chicken gravy was uncooked at Can 1. It just sounds talibanish.

This is where He does the jing chak( Nunchaku) thing!

Noises from the Window – 5
Numchuks. It was about three months ago when I first heard this on one of my night alones here. It scared the wits out of me. I heard the sounds, and immediately asked Aunty Google - “ whts a jingchak” and got some quirky results. Two dinners later, as I was rambling on it – a friend LOL’ed and said thts a “nunchaku”. Whatever. We do not like the jing chak sound it makes. Not even if Bruce Lee used it, or it is the Kung Fu thing. Did I mention, I have a thing for Kung Fu..more on it, later.

Noise from the Window – 6
This could land me in trouble if the girls one floor below get to know I am sitting above their head and hearing their sagas. I better, not write on it.

And you thought, I live in a tranquil place, din’t you?

Photos from Revathi Kanduri and the Idea from Nadia, both linked on this post.