Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Eleven Questions Tag - Part One

Ahem..I just wanted to have a title like that with parts. 

Both Uma and Keirthana have tagged me for the 11 questions tag. So, I am going to sit and post answers to 22 questions in two parts. The idea of writing all 22 together makes me want to get back to my excel sheet. Also, I am very sympathetic towards you. These are Uma's 11 questions.

All these questions will be treated as 2 mark questions only, though some may make me write a little longer. I loved 5 mark and 10 mark questions in school because it allowed me to write. Ya, I was like that. It is only when it comes to this blog, my lazy aunt stepped inside.

Now, if you have better things to do on a tuesday afternoon ( sincerely hope you do), please pass this post. And allow me to kill you in your dreams.

Which was the recent book you read and what was your take on it?
I wish I had a super intelligent book to quote, but the last read was "Losing my Virginity and other Dumb Ideas" and I found it a very predictable, regular time killer. I bought this book and many more from Bhargavi and made mom carry it all here.

Karna or Bhishma?
Karna - for his fight upwards, the indomitable spirit, the steadfast honesty. Bhishma is one of my least liked characters in the Mahabaratha. 

Most memorable trip so far? Any anecdotes to share?
Has to be the June'09 visit to Munnar where we celebrated the brother's birthday midst of tea gardens and jaw-dropping backdrop.

Mountains or the Sea?
Ahem..Sea.I am the beach girl. No, I love high altitudes. I really cannot decide. Looking at these pictures did not help at all.

Dream/Ambition to accomplish?
To do something more productive with my interest in food than making dinner and lunch for just me.

What makes a good writer/blogger? Am I One?
The knack to weave the right words to capture attention and the ability to convey emotions in the right amounts makes a good writer, apart from a dozen other things. I am not yet one. 

Favourite Outfit?
On me - jean, with anything on it. I also love sarees.
On a guy - any white shirt with a blue jean. Two extra points if it is a white kurta.

Sachin or Dravid?
Dravid. I do not have too many reasons but always found him a very intriguing, intelligent player.

If you had the power to change one thing about yourself or your life so far, what would it be?
I would have ditched some people way earlier than I finally did or they did. Also, would really like to be two more inches taller. That's all.

Are you in touch with your best friend from school days?
Ahem, I never had a best friend in school. 

Our family friend's daughter was Swathi. School days remind me of her and she is married, mommy and all, we can still and talk like 10 year old's.

Favourite subject in school/college?
School, it was english. College, I enjoyed papers related to economics.

Done. Boo Hoo, I saved myself from the sword!


  1. I had forgotten the questions myself (don't mean to be sarcastic, just a mention). Loved reading the answers. An interesting thing I've noted is the answer to question 2. Everyone who answered this, has answered it with Karna, which would've been my answer too. The poor guy earned all the love and adulation that he yearned for in his life after his death.
    Thanks Archana for doing the tag :-) Good thing, you saved yourself from the sword. It was really a long and sharp one ;-)

  2. loved the part 1 and waiting for part 2

    Errr...I think there is another thing you and I have in common, no best friend in school eh?

  3. Hahahaha, just when I thought it was a series :)

    Love for foo? High faive mate! Come to Bangalore, lets open up a place :D

    I'm serious.

  4. I so totally drool over men in kurtas. Sigh...

    I have an interest in food too- eating it. Come back to Chennai. Cook for me. In return, I'll shower you with praises and hugs. Sounds good?

  5. Had fun reading your answers. Had the exact same opinion when I read that book "Losing my virginity and other dumb ideas".. I really am a beach girl, I would love heights too if not for my fear :)

    Waiting eagerly for part 2

  6. nice one, archana. My choice would have been karna and dravid too. so many similarities....

  7. happy tagging...

    just stopping by


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