Friday, January 15, 2010

And when pongal happens at home...

Kannu follows. I am inspired to share some pictures, from this post of Anu. The vazhaipazham, vethlai and manjal are homegrown. I was insistent on starting a garden last year. But, never had the skills for it. Thanks to paati's sustained interest, we now have a "at least 10 fruits a month yielding" guava tree, vazhaimaram, ginger, manjal( been growing it just for pongal) vethlai (betel), pasala keerai, vendhaya keerai, kothamali, karuvepillai and lots of sembarithi, rose and one kutty watermelon creeper. I am really looking to grow more veggies over this summer. That pazham is a ilaki, and is very tasty. The vazhaithandu literally melts in the mouth, with no strings (naaru) in it. I am so proud of myself today!


  1. The kolam is a beauty!
    Yes, yes. Keep those pictures coming.

    I have been wanting to start home garden for soo long. Wonderful to see the fruits/flowers/leaves/roots of your labor, huh? Beautiful!

    1. Indeed Anu :) Sorry, for replying so late. I cant wait to go back home.


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