Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Awrite, my muse. Take it on.

This post is random. Skip it if you have something very important. I know, you don't.

I want to shake hands with Celine Dion and thank her for doing the world so much good with music. "A new day has come" is like glucose injected through ear lobes. I have to start this much closer home. I have too many people to begin with in India.

I have not seen a butterfly in Singapore. A rare crow around. It is amazing the kind of things we miss once we leave home. The humble kakha! Listening to "Oh!Butterfly" now.

Cooking brinjals can be a witchy experience. I almost feel like a "kolakaari" when I throw them in hot oil. And i think of someone when they fry. I am becoming a bitchy witch.

Flying to India next month. Cant wait for sem break. I say that home, and paati "vayiru pozhaikum". This love stays.

My muse loves randomness. Did I say that, already?


  1. hey didn't know you are 'visiting' India :) ... welcome home!

  2. yup periyavare :) am indeed coming home!


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