Saturday, February 19, 2011


Drops of rain platter on my window
The sounds, the sights and the splatters in a row
Makes me fill a page with letters
Hear me out, write as earth smiles, as a pond bathes

Seeing it all, my heart glows in thrust
As it fills up a dying thirst
If seeing can make it shine
Will living in it make it rain

Oh screen of waters, the shower of poems
The smile of clouds, and scarf of drops
As the bridge connects skies and earth
My heart connects with its warmth
I hear her fill my heart, with drops
Not of tears, but to drown my fears
Came down as a loan from the skies
I feel with it my sadness flies
May be a short moment, until the rays pierce
But I live with the hope, thou shall wet me again/img/blank.gif
Until then, I write her praise
And wait for a drizzle so benign

Extremely inspired from - here and here and ofcourse, this! Photo Courtesy - The Roomie

Akshay Vohra made my day, by reblogging this poem on his blog. Lots of untitled poems on his blog too! You can find it here. Random acts of Kindness :)


  1. Wow... Talk about inspiration.

    Rains - soaking a parched Earth. And vital for life. Rains - wetting one's soul. And inspiring emotions.

    Neatly penned.

    Peace. Have a nice day.

  2. Fabulous piece of poetry. Very subtle and moves wonderfully through the myriad of emotions. Awesome and inspiring read!

  3. @The Mad Jammer: Thank you for the very kind words indeed :-)


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