Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sickening when....

Colleagues walk around disillusioned, acting as though they don't even see you.

People walk around whispering plastic toxins about you - and hell, you know it!

Girls get very girly and guys get very guyeey. Sorry about the bad english

When people speak/write/read/hear bad english. That contradicts, yet, it is me.

When people don't accept ( read, not agree) contradictions and stick on to their own absolutely narrow ideas.

Same stories are spoken everyday. "i hate her - she did this - he looks like - i am going to" - grr, stop the shit!

When conclusions are drawn from a minute's acquaintance

I am beginning to use this blog as a cyber dustbin! 


  1. "When conclusions are drawn from a minute's acquaintance" - how true!

  2. yes prathap - i wish people took more time to learn than to conclude. Somewhere, the tables have turned! thanks for stopping by!


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