Friday, September 4, 2009


Sometimes we are so stuck on some words, that it has to be used in all possible sentences. I wonder if I lack vocabulary or my mind reaches that "stuck" spot. Whatever it is, it is not very helpful. My recent obsession or lack of knowledge came when I was glued to the word "super".

A: How are you?
Me : I am super. You?

I guess that's pretty different compared to the mundane fine!

A: How is the whether?
Me: It is super. Rains today..Yaay!

Not bad too...

Mom: How was lunch?
Me: was super hungry then and it vanished!

Now, double usage!

Friend stuck at Germany with no Indian food: Hey,I am at this Indian resturant, where a roti costs Rs. 400!
Me: Super!
FSAG: Err..??

Weird me!

On a call with a client

Client: We have recently moved on to the XYZ market as we see it is more recession proof than ZYX where we previously lost close to a xxx dollars.
Me: Super, How would you say this move is likely to align the XYZ market scenario?


Gosh, I only wish I can take a sabbitical from using such words, and build up on a more respectable english sense. And no, I am not the kinds who lacks usage of words as well. Wonder how it began, and Worried when it wil end!

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