Monday, September 7, 2009

Small Hearts. Smaller People

I fail to understand the insensitivity and lack of understanding some have when we speak of broken homes and divorced parents. It is cruel to happen in one's life and unless experienced, there is no way one can imagine the fear of waking up very morning and worrying if mom and dad will fight today. It is even more traumatising to live under the same roof with a person who you wish you had never met. All this one side, the pressure of our society to compulsively live together, and the cries of the hearts to live a better life make everyday a evil occurence.

Recently heard of a guy who is a pass out of a premier institution, comes from a well educated high class family who was trying to see a beautiful, once again well educated blah blah girl. He later came to know her parents were divorced, and stopped talking to her. To him, she comes from a "improper" family.

With marriages falling apart, and people getting more individualistic than ever - values are to be inulcated not only on religions, castes and sects but on people, minds and love.

To the guy who did this - Get a girl from a proper family and live a proper life. Dont even think of growing up. Rot to hell.


  1. the guy you have mentioned is part of a collective sin... A sin that is inculcated diligently by his parents and his society... poor guy, he is tuned that way... is he to be blamed? is his parents to be blamed? the society to be blamed? its a thought process that has traversed generations to have built a culture of its own on people's minds... you can call that narrow minded, but its only a relative factor... we are broad minded only on a comparative scale... The west has an even broader way of seeing things, the saints n sadhus even more broader... u see? :) but its unfortunate that guys like him dont realize their actions actually hurt ppl... they are focussed only to keep themselves comfortable in their own boundaries, and are just totally insensitive towards the rest... thats really unfortunate....

  2. A sin is collective only when people like him learn to live with it. On reading my post again, I felt the reason why I stressed on his education - because it is believed ( I still do believe) that broader education opens doors for thoughts. In other simpler words, I meet a teacher in school who is a divorcee and is a excellent person - I learn a divorce does not mean people are bad. We should be tuned to learn on what we see around us. It is unfortunate that our minds are so narrow. With this level, no amount of degrees will ever give knowledge. My arguement is only that, the guy who could have stood up for the decision and spoken about it decided not to do because his years of exposure and education has failed to out do te strong narrow thoughts his society has inculcated. It is all about living for society that was formed yesterday or working on forming a better one tomorrow. Thanks Prathap. I really look forward to what you have to say everytime!

  3. the education has failed to open his mind up... think about this, has our teachers ever spoken about such sensitive issues? have they ever attempted to open us up? a kid that grows up learns soo much from his parents n teachers... then friends... then other observations.... with the parents and teachers failing in their role to build a beautiful mind, its very difficult for the kid to grow out of it... perhaps, had the guy had friends like you and me around, he might have had a better sense to deal with the situation... (Lets discount the hypocrites who pretend to be broadminded and do such things behind the scene... Nobody can help them)
    we live in a society where others decide what is right for us.. what is acceptable and what is not.... under such circumstances, it becomes extremely difficult for someone to grow as a person... Each person has one kind of mental block or the other.... A clear mind is a rarity here... Just my observations... :) Am glad you look forward to what I have to say... I am as eager to see what you are going to put up on this blog!

  4. That is a issue I have alwyas been addressing - The apathy of our education systems. Your comment has almost made me write my next post on it. It is sad prathap, we as a developing nation where supossedly the best brains are at work do not have a sound education system. The roots spin down only here all the time. To me, I was lucky to have parents who spoke life and sense from school years. I am not sure how many of us have that opportunity. When I see people at work today, who come frmi similar backgrounds - I am shocked to see how quick conculsions are drawn, and how much of prejudices have shaped us unknowingly.

    "we live in a society where others decide what is right for us.. what is acceptable and what is not...."

    This is so true. And it has to be changed. As I always say, there is no point in shifting the blame there. It is better to be a revolt and do the right things. A clear mind is indeed a rarity,and a non hypocrite is almost extinct.


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