Thursday, August 27, 2009


at how Chennai Traffic Police work.


Driving back from office on a friday evening can be one of the best feelings and speedometers fail to see amber lights. I am pretty much a cautious driver for I have driven for over 5 years without a driving license. Now, being without a license invokes a sense of responsibility and fear - both make me drive well. CIT Nagar Signal @Saidapet. It was amber as I passed through, and I decided to cross the singal. Half way down, it turned red. I decided to move on, lest the police uncle there stops me. He did spot me, and told me to stop. I did not, and just sped through.

Murmuring under my breath - Month end and these men sniff it!

I receive a notice from Chennai Traffic Police asking me to pay a fine of Rs. 50 within 7 working days for voilating the signal on 31/07/09 at 19:20 hrs. I am astonished, shoked and impressed.
I am sure most of us have similar incidents, and it is not in us or rather in me to stop and pay there, and I wonder since when has TN Police started to send such notices.

I would be walking into a police station and paying the fee tomorrow. Happily.


  1. thats definitely impressive... :) but whats that driving without DL part, yaar? Its riskier than you think it is.... especially when you get involved in some kinda accident... puts you through some serious shit! careful on that....

  2. Prathap,

    I was without a license for nearly 5 years. Then got one last year :-). Thanks to heavens, never been through all that hell on accidents! But, been super careful on how I drive then!


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