Monday, August 17, 2009

And I met a guy!

I am inspired to talk about crushing after reading SP's rants. Me and my stints with guys have been absolutely uneventful, atleast till about a year. And crushing and just looking always sent wrong signals from me. I have been staying off the "sighting" scene for quite sometime now, but as girls would have it - that is when you see this handsome hunk!

My aunt has come down for a family function. She wanted to buy a blazer for my uncle and it was pretty important that she gets it in a day. So, I trotted along with her to Rex Fashions to get one done. We were there for about a hour, selected a particular piece and asked for a colour. He told the stock is only available at the Mylapore branch and that he will get it by 7.30. And he called promptly at 7pm and told me to pick it up.

I was in a loose fitting, printed, purple shirt and matched (!) it with a white pyjama with floral prints all over it. ( These details may not make sense to a guy, but it would to a girl after she reads the following lines). I was plainly lazy, as always to change into something more decent. So off I went ( this time with my 19 year old brother) to pick up the blazer.

As I walked in, I noticed the crowd was much higher than it was in the afternoon. Saw my reflection on a mirror and felt I look like the sweeper there. Nevertheless, wanted to get away from the place ASAP and asked for the blazer. Saw that the buttons had a foot ball team prints on it, and had to give it back to be fixed. As I turned off the section, I saw Him through the corner of my eyes.

Tall. Smartness Personified. Glasses, the kind that show a guy more handsome. A gray casual shirt. A slight dimple in his left cheek. And a absolutely high air of confidence. Was with his dad looking through formal wear.

Two mins pass by. Our guy disappears. Comes back in like twenty seconds. A light blue shirt with a black pant, he walks out of the trial room. Lifts his hand up, and shows a thumbs down sign. His dimples fall slightly, and his hair is now lightly messed. His dad waves back and shows a thumbs up sign. I wonder how his voice is.

Then he comes straight near me, stands for a good three minutes looking at a mirror. Axe Summer, I guess. I want my purple shirt to change into something more decent. And no words on the pyjamas, I want Mother Earth to swallow me now. I need m My brother now is looking a CSK shirt, and calls me to see how good (bad) it looks. I had to walk off, leaving the .......... alone.

The blazer is back. I walk down to the payment counter, pay the bill and walk out. I would have slept happily if it ended here. But as fate and my life would have it, we had to hear his voice that day.

A, Remember me? This is what he had to say. I was ... ( Forget it, I cant express it). And his voice was deep, manly and quite husky in the end. A huge ? on my face, and he helps. "Adi. Shankara School, Nature club". I am now lost, in my own world. And then, the worst had to happen. My brother jumps between us, and they do something like a high five, and Adi says - "Dad, this is B, my class mate at Shankara". Period.

Quite a lot of questions....some answers

Why do guys who are younger than me, look older to me? Early blossomers.

Why do such things tempt you in life? Sins.

Did Adi know about it? No. Unless he reads this blog.

Is this true? Yes, very much. I still cant forget that "just out of the trial room" thumbs down.

Am I sane, okay to be having this crush? I dont know, tell me!



  1. My words of wisdom - Its totally OKAY! :) Happens pretty often ..

    Don't ponder over it.. enjoy the feeling :D

  2. As Priya says! Thanks, feels better

  3. thats an excellent way of expression....!!
    so unlucky that he is your bro`s co-mate...but still dont give-up... hehe... you have chance..

  4. ha! means I still got a shot :D


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