Thursday, September 29, 2011

On how Facebook is a Pain- Thursday Thirteen #4

13 ways how Facebook has made life tougher - Thursday Thirteen #4

1.It keeps changing. This is a big rant, especially for someone who is technically challenged. There is a new way the photos show. The next day, there is timeline. It is way too clumsy.

2.You are forced to see ‘report cards’, ‘friendship tree’ and such random places tagging you. I was hanging in the highest branch of a tree near a banana.

3.The pictures we see on a mother protecting her baby in Japan Earthquake, a dying child buried alive in Uganda – all in 920P. I fail to understand how I can help by clicking a ‘Like’ or Sharing it!

4.The coverage of micro details in status messages truly pisses me off. I do not have to know which NH you took to reach the lake you are holidaying now in your new icy-blue capris with your munchkin husband. Argh is an understatement.

5.There is ZERO originality in status messages, if it does not fall in the above category. It is ripped off from just about anywhere, and that is only fine if one person on your feed has it. I cannot bring it to see twenty stories on one quote talking about how happiness resides in some unknown place, etc. Or, like this one - “Woman reaches love through friendship; man reaches friendship through love"

6.The applications – did I already speak about it? Ah, worth it again , the ones with ‘Get your finger print’, ‘write your names in letters’ (!) , or the X-Men characters, whatever!

7.All aunts, uncles are there. I do not have too many issues with my elders and love some of their wit on Facebook, but most of the time, they use it for matrimony and its allied purposes. OMG! (runs away)

8.There are some people who were friends, and are not now. And then there are some who are friends but not really close. You really do not know who should be in which group. The task of putting 526 people in groups is tougher than going off Facebook ( if I could)

9.There are weightloss ads on the sidebar. I get depressed when I see them.

10.I watched Disney Series when I was 9. When I saw a page for Minnie Mouse, I liked it. Now, I see posts daily on the new construction material Mickey has bought to upgrade its (or his) house.

11.We can have 31 mutual friends. Still, I wont accept you on my list if I do not know you. It is a stalker’s haven. Yuck!

12.The torture of the DSLR maniacs flooding my pages with pictures of trees, cars and shoes. Painful.

13.It is making people turn narcissist. I am particularly scared of this one.I am not kidding at all. Do watch this video to know more about it.

I know of at least 5 reasons on my mind on why one cannot quit facebook. One is certainly on how photo sharing has been made so much easier! Google+ is better, though :). I am too bitchy, love the idea of people ( even if i dont talk to any of them) to quit it. That's it! Pardon me for the lack of better ideas for T13. Promise to make it more lively in the next. Mean while, if by random chance any of you decide to quit Facebook, lemme know. Will send you some ballons!

P.S : Post updated to add video link.


  1. Good one :) I am on FB only because I can keep in touch with some close friends and relatives who are abroad, and can share pics with them. If I can do this some other way, I will quit FB!

  2. True, shudder the idea of uploading pictures to mails :) I am sooner or later going to stick on to plain gmail ! Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Side effects of Facebook addiction i suppose, once the impulsive instinct to check FB updates stops, all this will stop

  4. I have to have facebook with my coffee. lol Not addicted though, nope, not me...
    Happy T13!

  5. I'm not even sure I understand 'feeds'. A cousin nearly had a coronary when his staff told him his daughter was hugging 'the boyfriend' in photos for all the world to see. (He prohibits his daughter to date until after college). God help us all!

  6. I have thought about quitting Facebook and just this week signed onto Google+ to check it out.

  7. Nice write up :) Thanks to it, I stumbled here ;)

  8. Good link on point 13. I think its true too. Too many people on "loooook at me" mode.
    Its becoming so in real life also. A post to explain that later...

  9. Deguide - I agree!

    Adelle - glad, its resting there.

    Hazel - Feeds are the irritating stories that keep appearin :)

  10. Dew - G+ wont replace FB unless your entire list migrates there, which I dont see happening in my case.

    Preethi - Ha, thanks for dropping by!

    Anu - Watch this video on how FB is for Narcisstic behavior -

  11. Point 3 and 10 make me mad as well!!
    Btw,good read - Its quiet an irony that I stumbled on your blog through FB.

  12. I was about to exit your blog after reading 3 blogs, glad I stopped to read this one. I have something on FB, do check it if you feel like:

    I agree with your 13 things you have written here. These kind of things and much more made me write two blogs on FB (may write more in future). We all live in a FB world and not the real world, it's like a trade off....:)

    1. Thanks for dropping by. I will read your posts now :)


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