Thursday, September 8, 2011

16 year old Talks - Thursday Thirteen #1

I am sick of my lethargy in posting here. If I hate anything about myself at the moment, this is it - the inability to write regularly. So, I spent half of a monday :P morning browsing through ideas to keep my blog going. One of my favourite is tags. In case you still do not know what tags are, just go away to this post by Nags.

So yeah,be all ready to find me tagging myself. I am that shameless to keep this blog going :)

Another major idea ( yea, thts how I call anything I think of ) was to do regular lists like some kind of a series. I know it is not exactly saving the world, but it gives some kind of a pattern to posts (whatever!). One of it is Thursday Thirteen.

So what I will do is to post a list of 13 things every Thursday. And on what I will post will depend on my silly head. This week, I planned to post the top 13 foods I have cooked. But I wanted to add photos. And I wanted to link it to the recipe, if online. And I wanted to do this, that. So it is not happening for this week. It would be a nice separate post, than this list.

So here it is, all grand music and wild entry - My Thursday Thirteen #1

13 things I should tell to the 16 year old me : (or to any 16 year old)

1. Be proud of your choice to take commerce. You did the right thing.

2. Do not stop that meditation you do now. You will learn about Isha and get involved in it, later.

3. Get used to wearing sleeveless.

4. Learn about what 'taking backup' is. Do not lose any photos.

5. Start liking 2 minute maggi noodles. Its now or never. The 24 year old me still does not.

6. Join a dance class. You will regret you did not do it, later.

7. Continue with the diary. Do it in pencil, so that you can erase stuff.

8. Her hate for you is plain jealousy. It will come back as FB request years later.

9. Start washing your tiffin boxes. It is seriously sick to start doing it at 24.

10. The annual holidays you get now, is practically unheard of for the rest of your life. Sleep well. Please.

11. Learn to manage a dupatta, properly. The girl way.

12. Stop answering back amma for everything. Years later, you will sit miles away missing her.

13. DO NOT bother about your 10th marks. The world does not care anyway.


  1. Didn't you already clear 10th by the time you were 16? But, great list :) always good to talk to a "past you"

  2. Yup, was in 11th and still hung over the 'bad' scores. Atleast amma never forgot about reminding me to do better :)

  3. totally totally what I would say my 16-yr old self. "wear sleeveless, dance class"
    I would also add "girl scouts" too.

  4. Wow - almost all points apply to me too! The talk-back-to-amma part, dance, duppatta, sleeveless, 10th marks etc!! Perfect list!

  5. Anu, Arch - The sleeveless bit was a revelation after I came here! Now, almost out of it, and can wear. Dupatta, I still suck at it. Dance :(

  6. Liked the 7th point. By the way, the last one, I am afraid, I guess they are important!

  7. Really? Interested to know how and where!

  8. Open this link and find "Percentage score in 10th Std. Exam" :)


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