Thursday, September 22, 2011

Problems of This Day - Thursday Thirteen #3

13 problems of this day, this age( in no order)

I am on an amazing day off and been watching season after season of FRIENDS. The kind of problems we have today is an idea that stayed on my head. I intend to make it partly funny - lemme try. Humour has never been me.

1. I will show love for my community by purchasing an over-priced shampoo that apparently has community trade olives from Siberia.

2.I have three hearing devices. One headphones for my laptop. One handsfree. One more while I travel to work. And some songs are nice only in one of them. What a headache!

3.Putting pictures on Facebook means I cant wear the same kurta twice for a trip.

4. I am in search of a hairdresser who understands when I say 'do something with it, you must know, right?'.

5. I have over 50 different outfits but have no clue what to wear because its too cold for a kurta and too warm to carry a jacket.

6.I wanted a McDonalds Oreo Milkshake. The machine is broken. I just tweeted about it.

7. There is way too much low-cal feta cheese in my salad.

8. My pillows are too soft, that I wake up with a neck ache.

9. I have too much ketchup packets left after the million takeaways.

10. My neighbour's eight year old son called me and asked how 3G works.

11. I am too worried if the picture of my to-be groom is true or photoshopped.

12. I want to buy a DSLR. But hate to be one more of those who torture us, or be a feed for sarcastic bloggers.

13. I have been planning to go running. The gear, headphones, meter, shorts are all too expensive. Every month.

Whattay fun post to write! Loads of inspiration on this topic in web - looks like everyone seems to have problems with this world, anyways. Might as well get back to watching FRIENDS.

'I' does not necessarily mean yours truly :)Yea, I do love the community trade olive shampoo of mine.


  1. Friends is good. The big bang theory is even better. Really intelligent Nerd jokes too. Sometimes I wonder if I am one myself. Watch it and tell me how you like it.

  2. I really like Big Bang! Always liked nerdy stuff. you are not alone :)

  3. My daughter downloaded every season of Friends and I swear she was watching Friends for a month. I don't think I could take Jerry Seinfeld for that long.
    Last week 'Jim Parsons' signed my guestbook. I'm not sure if it was really him or not, but next to his name he wrote (no kidding!) I think I choose to believe it was really him. How exciting!
    Happy T13!

  4. I'm glad you wrote this list! Good for you for stretching out and trying humor even though you say you're not that familiar with it. I thought you did great!

  5. It kept me smiling. :-)

    Your humor is not bad considering it's your first time. :)

  6. Adelle, Jim Parsons :P, drool.I hope he left back something geeky there! Thanks for being here!

  7. Country Dew, double cookie that u found it funny, i really shud try and write more. thanks!

  8. Nisha, the blog of yours is a dream come true. I am so glad you left this comment here, will now know where to find you! Brilliant work there!

  9. LOL -- so so agree to your 3rd point!
    nice post. made me smile at several places

  10. Suji,U agree, right! What a pain, though mine have umpteen of the same clothes pics!

  11. Give *The IT Crowd* a try, a British comedy but fun :)

    And I do not mind different perspectives, I would mind if everyone agreed <3

  12. Will do :) indeed, it is meant to differ. wud be so much blah if its all the same!

  13. slluurppp sorry cant stop thinking about the oreo milkshake ;P.. lovely post .. n what all do e girls have to go thru.. hmmm... hairdresser and dress' etc ..;P

  14. Menachery - I should write a seperate post on girl woes. Seriously, whataa complicated life :P Thanks for dropping by!

  15. A nice mixture of the serious and humorous. Being an uninformed Westerner, I must find out what a kurta is. :-)

  16. John - may be I should have added the meaning :) Kurta is a garment worn over a jean ( an indian version of a blouse, only more flowery). thanks for dropping by!

  17. Loving the way you write, girl :)
    Simply interesting with that natural touch of humour! :)

    yeah, it's a cable wire in the picture :)

  18. Problem of too many choices :D


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