Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nuts for Donuts!

I am back! his time to write about two nuts, and a search for donut.I am feeling so bugged in office, that i really want to leave early now days. This happened last evening, when Ms.Tee came down and asked if I can drop her at saidapet. She wanted me to leave early, which is just what i wanted too! So, we left at 5.30. Off we started on a journey, which both of us hoped will end soon. Started my bike(Yup, thats how i call a scooty pep) and before that Ms. Tee finds some interesting and intriguing lady birds(those insects - red background, black dots) .

There were two of them, walking around the place and Ms.Tee was freaking. All right, after that adventure, we got on to the bike and was standing right in the entrance of KC( not my initials, Karumuttu Centre). Right at the centre, and thinking where to go. We wanted to eat ice creams, or candies ( Only because, i told the word candy once while taking my bike. Ms.Tee stuck on to that). Now, for ice creams, she wanted to go only to the A's parlour. Sadly, there was no A's parlour around Ms. Tee, so we decided to catch up with some donuts. Off we drove on TTK road, and reached a place called Cake Point (I have seen this place, but this is the first visit). Parking was a problem, but with my driving expertise, we somehow managed that(!). We ordered donuts, with sprite and had it. By now, Ms.Tee was feeling so happy, that she offered to pay the bill.
Then, we went on my bike, till tidel park, where I was supposed to drop her. I dropped her, and decided to put her on a auto( all this because I am sweet).We waited for like 15 mins, with some photo sessions in between! And, then i decided to drop her near Jayanthee, and off we went all the way. With loads of gossips, and lots of talking, we reached the place. I dropped her off and sent her on an auto, bid her good bye and came home late!! - 7.45 PM!!

All because there is no A's Parlour near Ms.Tee!!


  1. ok ppl...this is Mstee...LOL tina here yaar...well yeah those bugs...eau..creep me out...they look so cute on TV but wen I see it live ...OMG OMG(get it out of ur system tee)..Now KC i cant actually belive u wrote this and blogged it up :P...well actually m glad u did (eau eau the bug the bug...its creepin me out)it was one gud eve..i really wanted to leave work early and needed a break frm goin hme am glad she put the idea of Candy in my head.:)..unfortunately like she mentioned the ice cream palour wasnt thr nearby but none the less it was one heck of an eve...gud work KC..will have many more lke this


  2. nice blog you have here... congrats and keep writing :-)

  3. Guess the corporate life is getting to you. Joblesness and not knowing what to do, ensures that you do the same stupid things that you wouldnt have dreamed an year ago.

  4. Lakshman SutraveMay 8, 2008 at 11:50 PM

    This blog reminds me about my college days. We had our final year project presentation (university exam). Unfortunately ours was in the last slot and we had our theory papers starting the next day. So wanted to leave home early (idukku munnadi padichathane!). It was 4 in the evening when we left the college (SRM Engg Coll - Mech) back home. We were five and went back home in a Maruti 800. I was in the right side of rear end and my friend who drove the car was literally flying. We were in venkat narayana road and a lorry hit the side I was sitting. The car was stuck at the bumper and dragged. My heart skipped beats. Aprom enna! we started our mech treatement on the driver. We found the lorry owner, a dadagiri!! He told us to claim for insurance. We met the insurance agent and the agent said its a new car so we can avail full insurance without spending a pie. But, we were not convinced, went back to the lorry owner, and said we are able to avail only 50% of insurance and rest 50% can be shared. After negotiations, he agreed. We got 1500 rs for the rear bumper damage and absconded. Next comes the highlight!! 1500 bucks was spent happily in Bikes and Barrels with some more money on that. By the time I went home it was 11.00 pm and next day my theory exam!!

  5. Lakshman...Thts super funny. I am jus seein it though! nice college days!

  6. I miss hanging out with girlfriends so much. It was nice reading this!

    1. Oh, I miss it here too. Can I deport myself to banglore and hang out with you :)

    2. I would so love for that to happen!


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