Monday, March 3, 2008

And then you know what happened.......!

I was bugged, bored and single. Yes, in that order. I wanted to always understand how it happens, at what time, and with what level of intensity. Thts the story of this blog - and then you know what happened?

Two weeks back, I sent across a SMS to a whole lot of my friends. This was the message - "And then you know what happened". This blog is about the varied reactions, replies, actions, apprehensions, assumptions that took place after this message was sent.

I send as many as 30 messages.

A couple of replies from people - asking who is this? (I changed my number recently, so people dont know). Of course, i replied with a mini bio-data. Then, people asked, what happened?

What the hell happened da? Office'la problem'a? - My college mate

Hey, Accident?? Why do u take your vehicle and go?? - One other college mate

Kalyanama? wow ! eppo da - A very imaginative school mate~~

Hey Worst - enna de?? - a colleague now!

I am sorry, I dont get you - What are you talking about - a colleague, this time a guy - very courteous indeed!! :-)

And they lived happily ever after :-) - My cousin brother, who thinks he is Aseop and writes fables

I dont need to know now. U can buzz me aboutit after 3 hours. Entering a movie hall - A not-s o nice good friend!!

Enna? Blog crazy, please - can we talk something else? - A lovely friend, who reads my mind!

18. 32
One of those, who just recognised me with my new number - asks - "After what? After you changed your number?

And there this blog stood for 10 months. Today when I was revisitng my blog, I thought why not publish this post finally. It may change to send te same SMS today to friends, because by now people have mostly changed around, and no one really would mind if i do this today. Yet - it is amazing to note somethings in life. And so is this! Felt nice to read this back today, after 10 months!!


  1. hei...

    This is funny! :-)

    Jus passing thru ur blogs okie... don mind. stranger here!

  2. Thanks Pramod for stoppign by! I love strange strangers like you who bother to leave a comment! Do pass thru more often!~


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