Friday, April 18, 2008

A Cup of Chai

Are you a chai freak? Or, do you think chai is just the best way to feel better? If yes, join the wagon.

Sipping in to a Brooke bond tea cup ( slighty over kadak, bcos of the tea bag), i feel relaxed and unwinded to blog. The last few days have been quite hectic mentally, and draining. It is not a new phenomena in me to feel low and then feel better - but it is today that I really feel the endurance of the cup of chai.

Everyone needs their own cup of chai. it can be a cup of brooke bond, or a hug from a friend, or a SMS that charges you up. Mine was a SMS from a friend, that said - that my friend will charge me up - like glucose. I dont know if this sounds funny, but it sure sounded better after a tiresome day.

We all need our time, to work, to sit, to think and to live. Lets all plan one thing at a time - take up one a day, and live our lives, with constant cups in between!


  1. Let me start with a disclaimer: Anything that's overdosed leaves you in bad shape. Chai like coffee or cigarette is a habit former but as you said, one a day leaves you refreshed. I have always enjoyed the winter evening's cup of garden fresh masala tea, sitting on the balcony and looking down into the fast urban life of Velachery.

  2. I don't have the habbit to drink coffee or tea... but in office no other go... I have to... and its slowly catching me up as a habbit... What to do?

  3. Murali,

    U live in velachery too. I have to agree on the fast urban bit. Sure, I have been living here for about 18 yrs now, and things are so so different. These are times when i feel old :-)

  4. Vasanth,

    True. But yeah, do treat yourself once in a while! Make it one a day.


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