Thursday, February 14, 2008

Whose Bike Is It Anyway??

I am so amazed at my ability to be able to blog at such uniteresting things in life!! Yet, here it is. I keep on talking about the traffic, and this is also one of those.This time, it is not on politeness but on basic common sense. As the title says, whose road is it anyway?? Bikes zooming in and out, human stacked buses,bragging women in autos, shopping crowds stacked in cars, school vans, buses and all other such means in which kids travel to school, etc etc. Nowdays, i see cyclists - God Bless those souls!

I live at Velachery. My office is at Karumuttu Center - Nandanam. Ideally and Mathematically, it is only 9 kms. And in my 3 year old scooty pep- it should take not more than 20 mins. I come by the mount road route and get back through the cenotaph road route.(thts my great idea, to avoid evening traffic). However, it takes me not less than 45 mins everymorning. 

The problem is not the roads, or the drivers. It is the vehicles!! Why the hell do bikes have to be so big?? I am talking about thoe Apache's and Pulsar's. And the dudes on them, drive as though they are on a race track! Today I saw a dude,wearing a lether jacket, complete with leather gloves or whatever, in one designer bike - i guess it is a Pulsar Black, on which he has let his kid sister paint and stick all weird stuff. He has got some bullet marks also on it! This guy, in this chennai heat, is constantly honking on nandanam signal. I am sure, he knows one cant possibly lift the vehciles and walk when the signal is on red. But i guess, our man just wanted to create some musical noise around with his blaring horn! And he did not stop, until i removed my helmet and asked him, "Sir, Enna problem, horn wire loose aacha??" And he replies, " Heat, Veyil madam, thts why, i want to reach is too hot". I was like, just remove your jacket!

Whatever!! Guys get so savvy with bikes and anything that moves around! I dont know, but it just gets too irritating when they decide to show all their creativity on the roads!


  1. Thats funny... I really don't know how i drove my bike in such horrible traffic when i was there in Chennai. If i think about it, it makes me terrified. I now drive here in US. Now i realize that driving is real pleasure... but some people mistake it and come out with leather jackets in chennai traffic. ha ha... Drive safely.... bye

  2. I just loved your "can't lift the bikes and walk at signals"... Still laughing out loud.. :) And "remove your damn leather jacket" was awesome.. you shouldn't have thought you should have spilled it out..:P


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