Thursday, February 7, 2008

I have arrived. Well, almost

I guess nowdays every single existing soul has a blog. In office, On orkut, wherever I see, people are either blogging or talking about their blogs. One girl writes poems, another writes excel tips - calls it a MIS blog or whatever. Worser still, some one names it as a vetty blog and writes ways and means to get vetty.

Of course, there are other nicer blogs. Like my cousin brother has just started a blog on two of his greatest passions - Cricket and Food. I am in love with the latter, and have no idea of the former. I guess I can help him by giving restaurant/cuisine reviews etc - coz am a foodie too.

Coming back to blogging, it has its own advantages.

1. People think you are at work. More so in a office like mine,where a major chunk of work involves reading and writing.
2. It gives a aurthor feel - I mean, things like publish and all.
3. Wonderful, cheap advertisement - have been noticing these blogs for pickles, sarees,jewels to paintings,day care etc etc.

Allright, I guess am also now a part of the sangam and shall continue to post on all that happens around!

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