Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Here comes an Award!

Start the Music! Here comes an award. Now, just imagine one demented mind screaming up and down in joy. P.Subbu aka Prerna ( whoa, what a name - do you sing?) tagged and awarded me a month back, here I come with it!

Me, the versatile blogger - Did you like my boring stories on Facebook, or may be the one I babbled on turning 25 or was it one of those unplanned restauranttalks?

Whatever, my dearo – I am glad, you chose to give me this.

This award comes with a tag to write seven random facts.As if the name of this blog is not random enough. Dont blame me if you find this super boring. Subbu asked for it and you have come this far. So, please read on.
  • I like reading instructions and details behind packets.It is one of my favourite pass times to walk into a grocery store and read through  packets of pasta, noodles, sauce and even detergents. I do this with no intention of buying any of those. 
  • I have a sibling, whom I adore. Hold your breath, we have never had a single fight till now. No hitting, screaming or whatsoever. The maximum both of us have done is gone to sleep face down for two hours and woke up to amma’s scolding. 
  • Someone groped me in a bus, and I dragged him to a police station. I was 19.
  • I form judgements on people who fail to understand differences between a person's profession and his personal life. 
  • I have worked on and created two proper, workable, investor wallet filling business plans with women enterprises. Empowerment of women through entrepreneurship is one of my interest areas, that I really wish to revisit. 
  •  I have returned back a love letter because of a spell error. I have also refused to accept it when he came back with the second draft. 
  • My only problem in English language is usage of articles. I have a terrible habit of mixing “a and “an” with the wrong words and am trying very hard to get over it. If you find a mistake, be polite and leave a comment on it. I promise to be thankful to you and send that magic candy through dreams. 
What is love, awards, tags and chocolates if not shared? So yes, here it goes – from me to you!

Versatility, here it goes. To the tagged ones here, you can choose to display the award and write random facts about yourself. If you have already written earlier, link back to it and leave a post.If you choose to ignore this award, it will not cause you seven years of bad luck or leave you with blood puking cancer. It is perfectly okay, if you do not want to pick this up. But do it, okay?

·    Archana– my name sake, the pretty one and mother of a Krishna baby. She writes on work , opines on fair and lovely and talks about cricket.All in one blog. And, she has another cooking blog too.
·    Anu –My first reader. Isha Follower. Happy, joyous soul. She has the knack to announce about whatsapp and facebookon a post and not make it blight.  Herpet peeves are to write about pets andsuper cool food ideas, like milk oil .Readher to admire the way she lives.
·    Sumitra– Just like how she has, I started reading her recently too. Else, I so could have tricked random.org, showed booo to Spiff and won the giveaway. You had me when you put up Joey on the about page. You moo, bark or yawn, I am all yours.She writes beautifully on marriages, has a funny bone on how hard it was growing up with a set of parents like yours (okay, not exactly but you get the idea), and in between sneaks a chocolate cake. Killer, I tell you. An Isha follower too!
·    MyEra – The kind of people you wish you could directly meet via the blog. Her stories have been so inspirational and truly moving. Read her posts on celebrating the human, her letters to daughter and as though all this moving talk is not enough, she writes recipes too!
·     Prashanth– Don’t you like it when men write honest posts about women issues? He writes on serious issues PMS,abortions with an adorable understanding, and makes one smile with a happy poem!

P.S: I know you did not ask me, but that header was flicked from Shabby Blogs. I will write a proper credit note for them soon. Till then, pardon the kid for some copyright issue.     


  1. Congrats Congrats and Congrats...you surely deserve it..I love your posts...they make me smile :)

    Err...remind me to be extra careful when I write in a comment..who knows you may just delete it if a mistake is made..Jeez! returning a love letter...!!

    and then dragging a guy to Saidapet police station *Stands up and salutes*

    Impressed with the work on women awesome rey :)

    Congrats again

    1. Haiya, not for blogs. Its just that I get irked with a not so nice looking guy giving out a badly written letter. But yea, this was in 8th standard! Thanks, thanks!

  2. Congrats!!
    Ditto on point #1. I read the labels of products religiously as if I have an exam on them, even if I'm not buying them. Oh and it's not just in supermarkets. The interest to read labels peaks just when I have to chuck the empty package into the dustbin!

  3. Replies
    1. You are the most welcome :) Now, go quickly and write!

  4. Unknown things indeed. The women entrepreneurship and self-help groups is on my list too along with animals, environment, wildlife, political rights etc

  5. Quite an honour this is! :D:D:D Will write one asap!

    1. Indeed! With music, and a green image - what more do we need :) Go on, and blow the trumpet!

  6. Congrats on the award :)
    And so many interesting things about you!
    You have a sibling whom you adore....WOW! I have siblings whom I just boss :P
    Someone groped you and you took him to police station *RESPECT*
    Working on women empowerment *RESPECT* again.
    You returned a love letter!?! Poor guy!

    1. My sibling is my muse and pet :) So no bossing! Thank you!! :)

  7. Hey Archana, Thanks so much for the award Gal! So, so, so sweet what you've said about my posts. I feel so good :D Love you for that :D

    Haha, the Daily Yawn! Maybe I should have considered that as well.

    Oh I totally hit this guy myself who tried to grope me once. But I guess dragging him to the police station is even better. Get to watch him receive a proper beating.

    1. Love you too! I should write on daily yawn :) would be so apt. Yes, yes I did. He was let off after that and no, he did not come back like how folks scared me!

  8. Hey Archana, thanks for the award, really appreciate it...:) Yes I did like your post on Facebook and you turning 25...:P

    About fact No. 1, it's good see what is actually written. I see sometimes...I feel its a good habbit to see.
    Fact No. 3 - Dragging guy to police station, well that takes some guts and hats off...
    Fact No. 5 - That's great to hear Archana.
    Fact No. 6 - First you returned the letter because there was a spelling mistake, ok fine, but why you didn't accept the second time, if its ok to ask....:P

    I was laughing to this last line, "It is perfectly okay, if you do not want to pick this up. But do it, okay?" hahahaha...that's smart...;P

    1. Thank you :) Arey, I was only 14 then, so was waiting for a better letter. Also, that guy did not draw margins. So yea :P

  9. Ayyo...I am so sorry for not congratulating you at first place for getting the award...:) You deserve it and I wish you get many more awards...:) Cheers...:)

  10. Grammar Mistakes. Oh no, not the ones which would give candy!

    1. I stand corrected :) Typed the post in a whiff. Now, choose - do you want cotton candy or a lollipop ?

    2. Well, if we knew each other, your reply would have earned you a coffee with me in the real world... :)

    3. Throw away the anon mask, and come over in real. Will buy you a muffin as well :) Chocolate chips at that!

  11. Congratulations Archna on winning a well deserved award :)
    Loved those random facts about you and my God you managed to take the pervert to the police station...hats off to your courage girl :)
    Thank you very much for the kind words :)
    Cheers girl....you rock!!

  12. No i dont sing. And if I do people wont let me continue for a, um, a second??? ! Welcome. And keep writing. and keep visiting my blog too!

  13. reading instructions - same pinch :)

    entrepreneurship - oh wow! that's great

    returned the love letter - hahaha

    nice to know all these interesting things about you through this post

    1. really? I thought i was a maniac to keep reading wrappers. Glad to know I am not alone!

  14. As always a good post and quiet an interesting collection of random unknown facts! :)

    The award was long due I would say.

  15. Quite interesting write up, Archana! :)

    So sweet to hear about the sibling (no) fights :)
    Unfortunate groper and the lover (coz he is a loser)!! :)

    I love your way of writing ( as mentioned earlier too) as always and have never detected a misused a or an so far..
    but do you really need to say returned 'back' ? :)

    didnt know nags had linked my hands so buutiful ..high time i focussed my pretty feet, tummy ;) eyes, nose and bully her to do a link back..;)

    1. Thank you :) I dont think it was linked, but was just mentioned. I ran into the ring post :)


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