Monday, March 5, 2012

Broken Conversations

My wandering kohl eyes look at you
To see you look away at dark clouds
You turn left, left to see it all out
The newly done fringe to my left
Has my eyes nudging at it
The brown pants of khaki
It is muddy and dirty
Cricket all morning I guess
The shirt sure needs a press
You don’t have a woman in your life
Do you?

Dashing clouds; pouring rains
My smudge proof kohl lined eyes
Tears, as you would call them
Dashing hearts, pouring eyes
The song you are tapping to
I hear it in my heart fully
Over a meadow and a valley
My eyes look at you tapping high,
Dirty nails you got. Oh Sigh!
You don’t have a woman in your life
Do you?

Now, now you choose to see me
At my kohl lined eyes in glee
Arrogance you call, it is not the kohl but my eye
I am no pretty muse, for sure
You look at me for a moment and more
I am no engineer in degree
Yet, I created this moment of your care
Boyish looks make me swoon
Shirts with checks in maroon
Oh, it makes me head side tumble
That two day grown stubble
The woman I see in your eye
Is it me?

Empty seats left to wander
We are reaching Lavender
As I turn away to hide the tear
You move a step near
Flutter my heart, misses a beat
Doors open, and you move clear
Without realizing the heat
Oh Boy, did you know I still miss you?
The men I know are mighty few
For I know the woman I see in your eye
It is Me.

The conversation is partly inspired by a newly bought Mac Kohl stick and terrible rains in today’s train journey to work. The man I speak of is surreal, mystical and resides near Lavender.


  1. Wow! I liked the way you used the kohl adorned eyes to create an impact.
    Ah! the incomplete, longing note you ended it all with...very nice :)

    1. I wrote this on a fit. One single long train of thought :) . I love kohl.

  2. One of those forthright and profound posts which are filled with copious emotions and deeper meanings. Loved it, Archana! :)

    1. Coming from you, this means so much! Thank you !

  3. Beautiful Archana. The kohl certainly sets a mystical mood for this poem. loved it :-)


  4. Absolutely awesome read - Looks like you almost lived the character :)

  5. Awesome Arch:) really loved it:)


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