Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Stories to share!

The first post need not be this for a new year. But like how it goes, this is on my mind. Rather, they are on my mind. It was a totally different game before family came over. One whole year went strong and would have gone all too if only I had not known how it feels to have them here.

For a multitude of reasons, me and my mom are great buddies. So much that I am yet to met anyone who hits on that chord or laughs at a wink for an unspoken joke. She has certainly got strong influences on me, both genetically and behaviourally. Good or not, I don't know but it is not easy to miss someone at all.

I have missed people and cribbed, written poems(!) on it too but this one is way too heavy. The trains, buses and walkways are filled with them. Argh, had i known it would be this bad, I would have flown down instead.

We had a whale of time,unquestionably one of the best vacations ever. In many ways, this was the best way to end 2011. The year saw certain milestones for us. From a huge question mark on when I am going to study again to a successful convocation, from my lonely worried sleepless nights of job hunting to one helluva job I do, from a decade old unused passport to making Amma 's first ever foreign trip happen- I really should not be complaining. Yea, that way I am insatiable. I need the cake, the pie and even the cute plate it is on.

Suddenly, Singapore looks all ugly. I was all awing at the safety and beauty but as loneliness gets bad, it simply looks monotonous. May be I should switch to a better mood or just imagine driving through saidapet in my Scotty. I will instantly love this place.

Grumpy mood led me to The Brownie factory. Does no help to an oily face,but a teeny part of me still hopes chocolate makes everything better. I spent a good seven minutes going through the fourteen choices( I swear! If you are from SG, you must make it as a resolution to buy one even week) and I chose the salted caramel brownie. Such a pain my pea sized brain is to choose the only salty option when I carved some sweetness. It probably is not bad, but I kinda thought it was horrible. What a grump my mood is in!

Before the devil cribs again, I will leave this post to rest

By the way, this post is entirely typed and posted from the new iPhone ( show off, me!)

Wish you a blessed 2012!


  1. sure does reflect your mood which is all muddled, save for the "show off" at the end which brought a :).

  2. He he, should do that! HNY to you and Anagha :)

  3. It was nice meeting you by chance.. And finally a face to remember of the person who reads ur blog! :D

    The post is quite relatable.. I was in similar state of mind when I had my brother and sister around In a way it makes us feel alive again and realize life is not just the back n fro well-maintained MRT trips in Singapore or the occasional caramel brownie!

    Cheers! (:

  4. Hey aparna,

    Indeed it was :) Your picture on linkedin is so different from you at all! Searched for you on FB, could not find!

    So, it is not just me :) I was thinking I am once again being a drama queen! Cheers :)

  5. Really touching and

  6. Once in a while it is good to show off, especially when the mood doesn't help :)

    I always order the wrong desert, food! Always! It only saddens the mood...more and more :(

    Hope you are feeling better now...

    Take care, Happy 2012..

    1. Thanks much! I am feeling groggy, chintan. Thats the truth. Been sleepy, awake and restless. I hope I settle down inside before I write anything here. Happy 2012 to you too :)

  7. (jus looking calm, already blogged half dozen times in my head) and killed so many souls :)


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