Friday, December 9, 2011

Five reasons why travelling should be my To – Do in 2012

This part of the post is the TO – DO in 2011. December is going to be pretty awesome,packed and fun. For the first time, my family is visiting me here and I havecharted a TEN day Singapore (with a two day KL - Genting) trip for them. Before you pounce and comment on the lack ofstuff to do here for eight days, let me assure you – my schedule for them is pretty packed.

It is the first out-of-home long vacation for both, so I am really going to stop my nutcase antics, be responsible and act grown up with amma. But not to the absolute extent that she thinks I am ready for…you know what…

I have a strange and raising love for hearing stories and wish to travel across countries, meeting people and listening to stories. And someday, I want to learn photography so well that I can capture all my stories into pictures.

For now, I am not yet really there. One thing, I can certainly do is to blog about it. That is for 2011.

The plan for 2012 includes mostly SE Asia – Langkawi, Nikoi Islands, Sabah (or some partof western Malaysia), Cameron Highlands, Nepal and Kerala (mostly Cochin, or Wayanad). I would love to add Bali or Phuket, but really not too sure!

Apart from a multitude of reasons, this is why I MUST do all this in 2012 :

·   It is the last year. Sincerely hope, you all know the world is ending in 2012.

·   It is not exactly costing me a lot. It does cost, but thankfully affordable.

·   These places are great culture/food spots. Read my low profile stories on Thirucherai and Kumbakonam.I am sure; Langkawi will be a better story. Trust me, on this!

·   It is my futile hope that someone somewhere will see me moving around with a book,pen and crazy clothes and offer me a job in TLC Asia. Okay, just kidding. 

·   I want to be photographed in short hair. That lame, I am. I have got my first after-ten-years old short hair do now. Also, want to track the hair length in pictures :)

·   Because 2011, is ending on a great note. I am at Siem Reap, Cambodia as this post goes up live.

I wrote six. Okay, I am now lazy to change the title. Sorry!

Note to the world : I do not believe in buying you back a souvenir, but yea – leave a comment if you need me to own something. And yes, if you know of a great thing I MUST do in any of these places, let me know!

Note to self: Come back and read this post, every month in 2012.


  1. Oh wow - you do plan to get around! Do keep us updated on how much of this panned out :)

    Personally, I would prefer Phuket to Bali anyday.

    Have fun!

  2. That itinerary of yours sounds awesome and yes, travel is on my to-do-list-for-2012 as well. Have loads of fun with family and do come back & share all your stories of food and adventure. :-)


  3. What are you doing in Cambodia?

  4. Was on a mini vacation! Temple hopping :)

  5. add on the places like Taman Negara and Serawak in your list. Both places are must to visit. I have been to Taman Negara( North west of Malaysia) which I don't seem to forget such a wonderful place.

  6. Cambodia is also on my list. Hope to visit it one day :)

  7. so what have you covered in 2012?

    1. 2012 had a lot of India - I did a trip to Kerala (TVM, Varkala in one trip). Two trips down south tamilnadu - temple hopping etc. One trip to Indonesia. And Langkawi, KL. Bali or Phuket is still waiting around. Damn! Thanks for asking :)


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