Sunday, December 4, 2011

Anonymity and things as such...

There is no real reason why anonymity is not glamorous. This post is not to quote how many people have roamed under the magical invisible cloak but on how so low standards our integrity has gone.

There are many reasons why this blog does not see regular posts and one of it is certainly the fear of being identified with the personal posts that go up here. I have had random ( really, random) people come and ask me about things I wrote. Now, I am not even a famous or a good one. Yet, this happens! And trust me, being a single girl in a lonely city comes with its own set of rules and issues. And one of it, is the trouble with how easily people use anonymity.

From crazy mails, to stupid comments and now - recently, a msg on FB, all has occured here. It is seriously sick, to see a message from a fake profile chiding a post I wrote more than a year back. The message went on to say, that my new haircut does not suit me. :(

And then there are anon people who seem to have an air over them. I do not understand what exactly is there to be proud about being unable to show an identity, esp on comments. It is an entirely different case with anonymous/partial anonymous bloggers. It is kind of sensible, esp if you are going to use a blog to vent out all kinds of emotions. I am not denying it is not exciting. A secret : I did try anonymity, and realized I was only pouring crazy mood swings down there. Then, I suspended the blog. Even now, I feel I should write down anonymously somewhere and store it for my own eyes.

It does cause me to worry, only a bit. Should just push it off, along with a million other things in my head now.


  1. I have had a major issue with anonymous commenters in some of my previous posts - very annoying... some major angst poured out!
    And I started a journal my share of anonymous comments... a sort of a diary.. very helpful if you are as moody as I am!

  2. mmmm, very different view on anonymity. Interesting...

  3. Arch, I should do tht! I tried an anon blog, but realised it was too much trouble to be assured no one is looking at it. A journal, as in a paper diary?

    Santosh, thanks :)

  4. No, not online... not very safe is it? I use this:
    It helps with the to-do list too.

  5. Arch, this is cool! will check , thanks!

  6. This is one reason why I do not allow anonymous comments on my blog anymore! But yeah, people can anyway create a fake id and behave ill...

    Ignore I say...

  7. If you are on the internet, you can't avoid such thing, unfortunately. But don't you worry abt these and do keep writing! Your next post shd be on your new haircut and why it suits you, complete with a pic :)

  8. Ignorance is the best way to deal with them. I feel one need not be anonymous to share what they feel like on Blog. Blog is a place where personal stuff comes out easily without worrying as to who will read or what they comment.

    With regard to anonymous comments, well some like doing it and they find it fun. Some things are just out of our control. I do allow anonymous comment, but till date no comment has come from some anonymous person.


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