Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Mosaic Tag

When you are terribly stuck at work with no mood to finish anything, and all the priorities madeare totally screwed up, I try and pick up some tag and do justice to this blog.

The last week has been crazy. Juggling between deadlines, that never seem to meet. Friday comes, and I have happily scheduled my next week as I type this out.

The Mosaic Tag is very famous in flickr. And though I dont click, nor have a flickr account, I do gawk at photos. Infact, I have a brave thing for gawking at anything/anyone. Not any more on that.

The rules are pretty simple:
  • Type your answer on Flickr search
  • Pick an image, from the first page
  • Form a mosaic with the images.
I have slightly tweaked the questions, here it goes
  1. What is your alter name? Archie
  2. What is your favourite food? Brinjal curries and Curd Rice
  3. What high school did you go to ? Adarsh Vidyalaya
  4. What is your favourite colour ? Blue. But, Black in Clothes.
  5. Who is your celebrity crush? Certainly Prithviraj.
  6. What is your favourite drink? Masala Tea
  7. What is your dream vacation? Santorini, Greece
  8. What is the most beautiful place you have lived? Nanyang Valley Apartments @ NTU.
  9. What do you love most in life? Books
  10. Favorite Dessert? Chocolate Trifles
  11. What do you want to be when you grow up? A writer in any form
  12. One word to describe you ? Cranky
and here is the picture :)

This post took so much time to go up because I kept changing the pictures. I chose the pig for Archie because the rest were all images of people, and prithviraj is so cute as a caricature. A little dorky, but I dont care!

It is surprising that my answer for what I love most, came as books on my mind. I have always loved reading, but never owned too many books after school. And now, NLB is there and I still do not own too much. I should start buying good ones, but yea...sometime.

Photo Credits from Flickr

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