Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fret not, we despise sensitivity.

We are not sensitive. We hurt people at the drop of a hat and we continue to walk as though breeze just went by. We are the most barbaric, crudest, insensitive group of people I have ever heard of. We do not ask a sorry when we know it is a mistake. We take pride in saying we are not sensitive and disguise it in the name of stubbornness.We only know to debate and discuss at length about personal lives of people - be it celebrities, the to -be celebrities, the friends, non-friends, ex-friends etc. We do not know what it means to say I care when we say that. We are We are not sensitive.

I shall tell my child - Dear, be insensitive. Next time a aunty scolds you for stomping over her garden, tell your friends about it and share a laugh. Do not, even by mistake feel bad for it. It is not in us to do so. When your teacher tells you she is upset with the way your class behaves, mutter under your breath that she is a idiot. If possible, comment on her raging pink lipstick to your friend. It is in us to do so.Just do not be sensitive.

This world shall continue to spin, people shall continue to live, marry and reproduce. It will not change if I am sensitive or not. No one shall feel even a tad bad when they discuss a personal anecdote or realise what it means to stamp on a person's words. No one shall ever live life to its fullest, and shall assume that living can be equated to eating,sleeping, partying and loving( of course without sensitivity). And the world shall go on. Insensitively.


  1. wats the frustration all about? :)

    well, insensitivity is the order of the day... that makes ppl appear cool, doesn't it? ;)

    ve seen ppl hopelessly desperate for care, when they are admitted in a hospital, for example.... appo andha attitude enge povum nu theriala.... ;)

  2. Prathap - The frustration is about how insanely selfish people have become. Senstitivity is a virtue, and it is required to survive as a human in this planet. True - makes one appear cool!!

  3. first time here. keep writing.

    this was my take on the superbly sensitive people of this nation on the day members of a community blocked the entry into our national capital.


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