Thursday, July 2, 2009

It ain't to be looked down!

This post is on how sometimes, people are looked down upon due to their professions. Sad to say, in an era when we are fighting for equal rights for LGBT’s, there still lays inequality in the crudest form amongst the most educated and polished strata of the society. There is no equality in respect or being, and unfortunately it is all discriminated on education and job!

It is often that we hear people talking low of a job. I am particularly referring only to white collared jobs here. There needs to be a sense of acceptance amongst the elite ones (which sometimes includes the most learned) that there is no reason for him/her to rejoice for being there. If I pass out of a B-School with a amazing pay packaged and job, and my peer decides to stay in the BPO and become a TL there, I have absolutely no business to look down at him/her. If I am here today, it is because of a lot of reasons – my interest, my brains, my parent’s money, the B-school’s efforts and of course luck. I am a firm believer of luck, all said and done. And if my peer is a TL in a BPO, it is his life, his choice and his reason. I have no rights to feel I am better, or more so to feel he is anyway worse than me.

In Sanskrit, there is a phrase which says – “Vidyaa Vinayena Shobhate.” It means education should be combined with humility. It is imporant to do this, because there is no pride in having degrees and not being grown up as a person.

I had to make this point for quite some time now, just that now the time came right.

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  1. Very true.. I fully agree with you... Its not anyone's business


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