Friday, July 17, 2009

On Opinions, Crimes and People

I read this on a fellow blog -

"Opinions are like assholes- everyone has one"! These are my opinions. They don't matter much because they do not bring any change. People live as ever - spitting, throwing garbage, cheating, bribing, but leading a moral life - not smoking, not eating meat, not visiting a prostitute.

Summarises all that I ever wanted to say about how people react, take, approach, understand what is called as living with happiness. Opinions are meant to differ, and so are approaches. It is time we understood it and reacted normally to everything. There is no fun in the screach or in the hush talk about anything at all. What is told below is one such opinion, and you are welcome to share yours.

People live as ever decriminalising the most important actions, and criminlising the pettiest of them - the degree in my opinion. If visiting a prostitute is a crime, then I believe feeling a woman in a bus is also one. If eating meat is a crime ( in some restricted so called upper castes) then wearing leather is also one. I fail to understand the hypocracy involved in most of our actions.

Smoking to me is not a crime. It does not harm anyone (there is no victim) except self. One can debate on passive smoking, but I decide to walk out of the place and I believe almost everyone can do so. Smoking is as good as suicide and it is a personal choice. You, Me or the Nation's Law has no say on it. All that they can say is to not do it in public, which is absolutely welcomed. We become so hypothetical and judgemental about smoking, drinking that we seem to forget basic mistakes like spitting and ogling at people.

I can say this from a past perspective. Prior to two years, I had a perception that all those who drink and smoke are bad. As simple and straighfoward as that. But, I never opened my mouth wide at it, neither criminalised them - but I hated it and never wanted a person who does it next to me. I still do not want. But as I met people around and actually spoke to some of them about it, I realised that I am no person to pronounce it as bad. And no, it cannot be used for a judgemental purpose. One who smokes need not be looked upon as a rapist. Same is the case with drinking. When it comes to forcing or coercion of anything at all, which includes smoking - then it is absolutely illegal. In simpler words - I am Me. I have my own wishes, interests which may include homosexuality and smoking, and I shall remain me. I do not force you to be me, neither do I spread the greatness of Me. However, if you decide to follow me, then I am not responsible for it.

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