Friday, May 15, 2009

Come, let us be friends.

With all due respect, I despise the ship that holds friends and would never be able to row it well. There has not been a single moment in my small life when friends have made a massive difference that makes me call them as saviours. Or probably, I don't call people who make such differences as just friends. They mean more to me. Guardian Angels.Special Souls. Mom.

To me, friendship is a emotion. It is like agony, hatred,gratitude,hope and fear. It is not a state of being like happiness, sadness, tranquility and love. There is a vast difference between a emotion and a state of being. Unfortunately, people tend to get mis leaded and get caught in gamut of thoughts. I don't see how one can feel friendship towards another without even meeting the person!

Friendship in SMS - Friendship on Orkut, FB and on every other place! Guess, I am the most unfriendly soul around - but, please excuse me, I cant be all that sweet and say oohh and aaahh when you paint your nails green!

To me, it is a emotion - a sense of belonging, a euphoria of joy and more than anything else - a feeling of just being there! That's how my right handful of friends are ( Yeah, I don't have more than 4 friends in my life, forget the best, good category) The rest don't just stay as the lot - they move on to become the real souls to be with!

How is friendship to you? 


  1. Hey is this Archana KC?
    ( sorry for commenting about this.. of all the things! Read all your posts and still couldnt figure it out! There are too many Archanas in Karumuttu Centre!!)

  2. I differ with you in one point Archana. I do have friends who I haven't seen or spoken on phone too. More like pen friends...My only contact is through chat initially (say 8 years back) and once the chatting fever got down through mails. Got these friends through chat rooms... Not once did we feel the need to share pictures nor talk over phone while we helped each other with new job opportunities as well.

    Having said this, I also must accept that out of the "I-wanna-be friends-with-you" band wagon only a few are very genuine. And i have been lucky to have a few friends likewise. :)


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