Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Let go!

It is the easiest thing to do! Just to let go. This is what people tell you to do when you crib. It is a lot easier to do it when you know you can do it. But to me, most times - I just cannot let go. Or rather, I was not able to let go. And that's where BSP came into picture. For those who don't know what BSP is, it is expanded as Bhava Spandana Program and sadly, am not component enough to tell more about it. You can read on it here. It is a program that explores the interior in a person, and takes all trash that has been there for years and kind of makes one puke it all out and return back with a superior power and sense of accomplishment. Reading the last sentence now, does not seem to convey a fragment of what I felt then. Nevertheless, that is the closest I could come to.

Although Bhava Spandana did wonders and sent me out as a "day" old baby, the old big world out here is polluted and I do get dirty quite often. I get so filthy from head to toe that I don't even know where to go to search for water. I become one of those fighting pieces of plastic on a mass drain. And sadly, I am one who desperately wants to be flushed out, unlike plastic that just settles.

I just wish I had the power to Let Go of everything that disturbs me. Penned down some rambling lines, when I was thinking of this

Give me the power
To survive against fear
To fight with pride
And not fall through a slide

Give me the power
To realize all dreams
To dream with conviction
And be marooned in imagination

Give me the power
To talk as I wish to Him
To not give up on self
And rise to glory myself

Give me the power
To retain faith on you
To cross tides with it
And handle all with your wit

Give me the power
To remove all lens I use
To see the world that way it is
And handle it all in bliss

Give me the power
To be born every moment
To forgo thoughts and memories
And Let Go all sober memoirs

May make sense to me - and to you, when you feel like me!


  1. u've been to dhyanalingam? wat a place I say! That place has got the vibes, huh? I just love meditating in the dhyana mandapam...... n have u heard their music? the music does talk to your senses.....

    n coming to ur want of strength to let go... well, its easier said than done! To let go is to know very well you are going to face your fears head on and live with it for a while before overcoming it, emerging out stronger!

    Stay courageous!

    compassionate writing!

  2. @ Prathap

    Yes! I was at Dhyanaligam once during my BSP. Have been with Isha for less than a year only now.

    And Yes! White mountain is my Gita in music.I love the tones, and the moods it gives to me. I dance, cry, sing, laugh with it. It is mesmerising and divine. It does talk to your senses.

    Thanks for your wish. Needed that to sometimes stand up and stay afloat.




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