Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Write like no one is reading, because no one really is ?

I guess this is a good time to start writing again on this blog page.

They say one must dance like no one is watching.To me, it makes little sense because I dance ( or do whatever I call as dance) for people to see how I do and probably joke about it for a century. The whole logic of do it like no one is judging is so untrue and tad disappointing. I mean, what's in it for drama queens?. Anyway, I digress. I want to write like no one is reading. Because, that is mostly the case. It is a good time to begin.

To be honest with you, yes you the sole single reader - my writing habit has never been this bad. I don't even write meeting notes anymore. I am afraid if my english teacher will commit suicide on hearing how pathetic my grammar has plummeted to. I blame this country and its obsession with speaking pathetic english to all my woes. Much like writing, reading has taken a terrible backseat. Now, unlike most bloggers I follow - I do not devour books by a day.I am a fast reader, but I am also a lazy one. So, I will sit and mull around my book, reading it all over the place. It takes me time to digest, think and absorb all that I read and I like doing it the slow, vintage way. Speaking of words like these, I sound almost like that angelic girl who wears paisely printed shirts and walks delicate. Ah hell, I am much better.

So, the story is here. Writing - english miss suicide levels. Reading - Don't get the kindle 'kindling' guilt level.

Other than these, life has been a bitch. I mean, how else does one explain all this in less than six months?

Heart break - Check! (don't ask me about it)
Sick on a vacation - Check! ( India trip, ahem)
Lost something expensive - Check! (The iPhone was stolen during India trip)
Got something expensive into repair - Oh yes Check! ( I got another brand new iPhone and that damn thing stopped working in 4 months)
Almost lost a leg or an arm - Check! ( Baring drama, I met with a couple in 2014 already)
Paying up for a mistake you didn't do - Check! ( Apple refuses warranty and accuses me of tampering a new phone. I am short of crying now)

It is sad and amazing how little things can add up to a heavy issue. Of all the lessons living abroad has taught me, the key lesson is to expect uncertainties. I should do a post on the other lessons, not in a preachy kind of way but more of a I have been there, done that and it was crap kind of way.

I am just glad there isn't a mouth piece on this blog that throws up abuses for being such a fair weather miss. 


  1. Similar thoughts I was having too about the English damage happening here. As far as the experiences go, I'd say take the ice cream tub, go sit on the beach. Nothing cures bad experiences like the beach does.

  2. -sits down with you and a tub of vanilla ice cream and some tissues-

    Okay lets talk. Everything's going horribly wrong for you. And even though you're... what seems like the worst... trust me when I say that it's not! (Myself going along an early life-crisis). It'll get better, apple shall turn into an orange. And karma shall bite whoever stole your old iphone.

    -gives you a bearhug and runs away-

    1. Such darlings exist? Ah, thank you! I am already feeling like a butter toast - warm and nice.

  3. Welcome back, Archana! I've been erractic with writing on my blog and reading other blogs too. Hoping to get back :-)
    Good luck to you and kudos for holding up despite adversities. *hugs*

  4. This explains it. I came to your blog to ask why you are still not writing, to see that you have been, and I was under a rock.
    So, yey! Welcome back version 2. Looking forward to more :)

  5. Hey I read your blog! It was too silent - your sabbatical from blogging. Do keep writing.
    And ya, I like to think of life as a sine wave. So now that you've seen the below 0 part, you know how it is going to turn next :)

  6. I used to check your blog for updates and thought you had migrated elsewhere! Welcome back! Your blog puts a smile on my face everytime, no matter how crappy my day is! Well, after going thru your list of crappy things - one positive observation - what else can go wrong, it can only get better :)

    1. :) You know, you should stop being anonymous! Thanks!


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