Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Knock Knock!

Knock Knock?

Who's there?


Dozen who?

Dozen anybody want to read my blog?

I thought I will make it adorable with a hen doodle and a joke. But, seriously is trying to write again after 14 months a really bad idea?

If you are reading this, stop being invisible and comment below.

Edit: Blogger is acting up and showing comments from a previous post below :( So if you are really commenting on this post, I will buy you cotton candy and be extra thankful.


  1. I agree...I loved English Vinglish..and realised the only other movie I saw this year was the MI4 *hehehe*

  2. Hindi movies have been disappointing this year - Heroine. Cocktail, Jab tak hai Jaan - all big banner films were boring.
    But yes, Vicky Donor was awesome, Barfi! was heart warming, Oh My God! was enlightening and English Vinglish was sweet. Unfortunately, I don't have the best one.

  3. Well to be honest I am not a movie buff . I would prefer a book any day..but yes I watched English Vinglish and loved it totally!

    Life of Pi - I intend to read it ..lets see how far am I successful in it :)

  4. I watched Life of Pi before a couple of days. Good visuals, but unnecessary philosophy. That's the only movie I watched in a theatre this year! I saw a few (old English) movies in my laptop and I liked some of them. Not able to recollect any names!

    Destination Infinity

  5. Definetly Barfi for me. Just for the sheer flow of emotions towards the end and the brilliant acting by Ranbir & Priyanka, this one nicks it.

  6. I am so with you one this! And in that order :)
    english Vinglish stole my heart like crazy, made me weep, put me on top of the world for having the best mom (ofcourse, I'd say that!) and then feel thankful for every little thing. it did more than all that but I'll tuck it away in a special corner :)
    And can relate so well to that movie buff thingy :P K has a huge role in my case and staying so far away from home provided all the impetus :)

  7. I am yet to watch that movie. :( But I loved Barfi!

  8. I loved english vinglish too. I liked NKPK, Naan ee, Pizza and thuppaki too just that we saw that movie on our wedding anniversary :)

  9. Replies
    1. Yes! such that, I am getting spam comments :(

    2. Hope to see you back in action at the earliest. Your blog has never failed to bring a smile / lighten my mood on an otherwise dull / hectic day. :)

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  11. Agree wid you. English Vinglish is such a feel good muv.

  12. I shouldn't be saying this but it IS a long hiatus! Best movies for me -
    Tamil - Pizza
    English - Dark Knight Rises
    Hindi - English Vinglish

  13. No post for over three months! What's happening??

  14. Great to have you back after a long time :) Hoping to read more from you! And yeah, this comment is for this post. ;)

  15. Hey there! Glad to have you back and hope you get back to blogging!

  16. Hi Archana...Nice reading of your blog. Not a place to talk abt this.but I am not able to find your email address to send my message. Just hopping from Sharmi's blog where u mentioned about some wholesale shop for baking goodies at chennai. Can u please share the shop name and address. Thanks in advance. - Uma


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