Thursday, November 22, 2012

And a totally blog worthy moment too..

On Timeline : Bought her second Parker Pen.

I know the I has to come before A in diary but we got to live with they say, you can't change the written word. Also, it's my red notebook; so I can choose to spell it the way my mind works. Pardon, dear purists.


  1. Oooh, I love fountain pens! Totally want to go buy one now. Your handwriting reminds me of an old friend.

    1. Sumitra, I had a collection of them from school. Here, this is the first one. Super excited. Really? You remember handwriting?

  2. I love love love Parker Pens...I love writing with fountain pens..and your handwriting is superb..mine seems to get worse with age... :(

  3. Woohoo ! That surely is a "Dear diary" moment gal! I looooooooove fountain pens. This time when i went to India, my brother got K and me Parker pens from his internship stipend. I can't tell you how senti I was :)
    Actually, I am sucker for stationeries. I have a small "Popular" and vintage paper store at home :P

    Ah that joy when you wrote those lines - wheeeeeeeeeee! Darn the spelling. Just look at that ink... swoon.

  4. OOOOh.... what a wonderful moment. I just so badly want to hold a fountain pen right now .... will do it as soon as I get home today - thank you!!

  5. LOL. I too got an amazing pen for 90 bucks but hardly use it. Just wanted a good pen...

  6. Oh!! I've forgotten how it is to write.

    Damn technology! I'm on my way to pick up a fountain pen :)

  7. I can relate! I haven't held a fountain pen in decades!! Good for you!

  8. I know how great it feels!!! I have a new one gifted to me by S.. I am yet to write with it though.


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