Monday, February 15, 2010

Biscuits, Bakes and a Truth

As you all must be knowing by now - I bake. And I don't stop at that. The long resigned research analyst in me does a lot of studying on each and every ingredient. There is practically nothing, that I don't google on. But, then there are a gazzilion things that google does not show. Like it does not tell you that most biscuits you buy have eggs in them!

Here is my bourbon and custard-jam biscuits.

The Bourbons contain one egg yolk and the custard jam contains half of a egg. I am not a non-egg eater, but I try and avoid them unless it is impossible to make without it. The biscuits were very tasty and did not smell or taste eggy. But, the fact remains that we the consumers of store bought stuff do not know that most of them contain eggs. I may sound like I am making a big fuss - but to non-egg smellers/touchers like my paati, this is a very big deal. I am wondering now how the green symbol comes. May be I am wrong. May be they really dont use eggs. But, yes from my limited understanding(read: buying all biscuits on store, and trying atleast 6 variations) most of them contain. Milk Bikis, Digestives, Rusks are safe. Anything that gives you a very crisp exterior but makes you bite into it at ease does.

Another revelation - Now, prepare to hear the worst. All breads contain vegetable hydrogenated shortening. And most store bought breads contain egg. I have tried tasting a eggless, butter used bread and a egg used, dalda used bread. The latter tastes just like store bought. Also, when you try and buy the so called brown bread it is not wheat, as the ingredient list says. It is maida, with probably a portion of wheat. I know, that is the way to make brown bread but I have my own doubts if they use a full portion of maida and brown it with caramel. But, that is just my doubt.

We have been using Vanaspathi for decades. Later, they found it is completely transfats. From a google generated lead - When vegetable oils are hydrogenated under conditions of optimal temperature and pressure in the presence of a catalyst, the liquid oils are converted into semisolid and solid fats. This hydrogenated fat is termed as vanaspathi. Paati and CV say, Poori turns best in Dalda. Now, Dalda is not such a big thing to worry about - but I just thought I should let you know. Most restaurants use vanasapathi.So do all pre-packaged mixes. The soups which call just for a boil, The cake mixes that say in a minute, and THE 2 Minute Noodles - all of them do.

By the way - the pics are

Custard Jams
Caramel Cake


  1. very interesting revelations there

  2. Okkk!
    Similarly, My friend did not eat any chips in Indonesia/Malaysia because he was sure they have fish ingredients even though they had a green marker. Must be the same case where egg is overlooked, ok-ed.

    I knew it! I never trusted this store whole-wheat bread and have stopped it.
    All these heat and eat products are crazy unhealthy. Ha! "healthy soup"- damn misleading ads.

    Hey Arch!! Need a crash course on baking. After reading your posts I am SO tempted to try a desert - date cake or something.
    Have got a micro-wave oven with me... will mail you about it.

  3. @Rachel

    I cant believe I am getting comments from food bloggers! Thanks for visiting here.

  4. @Anu

    Some products from US,Uk have a disclaimer like this - This product does not contain eggs. However, it was processed in the same equipment which is used for eggs, fish and peanuts.

    It irks me every time some basic preference is over looked. Healthy soup contains plain dalda! Crash course - Anu, you are welcome anytime. I will mail you a date cake recipe I have.

  5. Hi,
    I have read through some of ur posts and it sounds good when u say u do baking. Foodie???. posts are written in very stylish English I feel. Gud. Keep blogging and u can give the receipe of what u bake:) May be I can try it out

  6. Gayathri,

    I do not want to give recipes here. This blog is more for writing on the joy of cooking, and the theraphy it does to me. I also write on the kind of revelations I come across when I bake. If you need the recipe, I can mail it to you or you can contact me on

  7. Wow.. I totally digress here, but the caramel cake looks so very tempting!
    I love the smell of baking - its almost like a healing process! In a bad mood? lets bake!
    I have done it twice.. once an egg vanilla cake with a coffee icing, and second an eggless chocolate gooey cake. Yum! Your photos reminded me I need to touch base with this again.

    On a relevant note though... wheat bread has maida?!!! dammit!! the 1 thing that felt healthy is gone off my hand too!


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